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Axis Bank Select Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs 3000 (NIL for Burgundy)
The Axis Select Credit Card delivers a premium lifestyle experience with exclusive online discounts on food and groceries, complimentary Priority Pass lounge access, and free rounds of golf. It also offers 10,000 EDGE REWARD points and assorted lifestyle perks. While it has joining and annual fees, they're waived for Burgundy customers. Be mindful of finance charges, cash withdrawal fees, and cash payment fees.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special online discounts for food and groceries.
  • Priority Pass Access: Access complimentary Priority Pass lounges at various locations.
  • Golf Rounds: Get free rounds of golf at select courses.
  • 10,000 EDGE REWARD Points: Earn rewards for your spending.
  • Fees Waived for Burgundy Customers: Joining and annual fees are waived for Burgundy account holders.
Standard Joining Fee Rs 3,000 (NIL for Burgundy)
Standard Annual Fee (2nd Year Onwards) Rs 3,000 (NIL for Burgundy)
Standard Add-on Card Joining Fee NIL
Standard Add-on Card Annual Fee NIL
Finance Charges (Retail Purchases & Cash) 3.6% per month (52.86% per annum)
Cash Withdrawal Fees 2.5% (Min. Rs 500) of cash amount
Fee for Cash Payment Rs. 100
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Annual Charges
- Rs.4,999 + Taxes

The SBI Card ELITE is a versatile premium card with diverse benefits spanning travel, dining, movies, rewards, and more. It caters to high spenders, offering substantial rewards and milestone perks, including Rs. 6,000 worth of annual movie tickets, exceeding its Rs. 4,999 annual fee. Complimentary lounge access, low forex fees, and Club Vistara membership further enhance its appeal.

  1. Generous Welcome Gift: SBI ELITE offers a welcome e-Gift Voucher worth Rs. 5,000 for various travel and lifestyle brands.

  2. Complimentary Movie Tickets: Enjoy free movie tickets worth Rs. 6,000 annually, perfect for cinephiles.

  3. Milestone Rewards: Earn up to 50,000 Bonus Reward Points, valued at Rs. 12,500 per year, by achieving spending milestones.

  4. 5X Reward Points: Get 5X Reward Points on Dining, Departmental stores, and Grocery Spends, making everyday purchases more rewarding.

  5. Lowest Forex Markup: Benefit from a low foreign currency markup charge of 1.99% on international transactions and earn 2 Reward Points on every Rs. 100 spent internationally.

Annual Fee (One Time) Rs. 4,999
Renewal Fee (Per Annum) Rs. 4,999
Finance Charges (Monthly) Up to 3.50% (42% per annum)
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Federal Scapia Credit Card
Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Nil
The Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card, a traveler's companion, offers unlimited domestic lounge access, 10% Scapia coins on all spending, 20% on travel bookings through Scapia app, and zero forex markup. With no joining or annual fees, it's a rewarding, cost-effective choice for travel enthusiasts seeking seamless experiences.
  • Unlimited Lounge Access: Federal Scapia Credit Card provides cardholders with unlimited access to domestic airport lounges when they spend a minimum of Rs. 5,000, enhancing their travel experience.
  • Scapia Coins Rewards: Cardholders earn 10% Scapia coins on all online and offline spending, with an additional 20% Scapia coins on travel bookings made through the Scapia app.
  • Zero Forex Markup: This card doesn't charge any forex markup fees on international transactions, making it an excellent choice for global travelers.
  • No Joining or Annual Fees: With no joining or annual fees, it offers a cost-effective way to enjoy travel benefits.
  • In-App Redemption: Scapia coins can be instantly redeemed for flights and hotel bookings through the Scapia app, providing flexibility and convenience.
Fee Type Amount
Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee Nil
Card Replacement Fee Rs. 200
Forex Markup Fee Zero
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