Free Percentage Calculator for India: Solve Instantly

Percentage Calculator

What is a Percentage Calculator?

The Percentage Calculator is a handy tool that helps you calculate percentages quickly and accurately. Whether you need to figure out a percentage of a number, calculate a percentage increase or decrease, or determine the percentage difference between two values, the Percent Calculator can make it easy for you. Just enter the necessary values, and it will do the math for you in no time!

How Percentage Calculator Help You?

Percentages can be confusing, but an online Calculator is your secret weapon! Here’s how it helps:

  1. Saves you time by doing percentage problems fast.
  2. Figure out many kinds of percentage problems, not just simple ones.
  3. Helps you learn percentages by using it.
  4. Makes budgeting with percentages easier, like finding discounts and tips.
  5. Gives you calculations to help you make smart money decisions.
  6. Gets the answer right every time, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

What is Percentage?

A percentage is essentially a shorthand method for representing a portion out of 100. 1Percentage | Definition, Examples, & Usage Website: Britannica It is often used to compare quantities or represent parts of a whole.

For example, if you have 30 out of 50 items, you can express this as a percentage by dividing 30 by 50 and multiplying by 100 to get 60%. Percentages are commonly used in everyday life, such as calculating discounts, taxes, tips, and many other situations where a proportional value is needed. 

Calculating the percentage of a number is quite simple! To calculate the percentage of a number, you can use the following formula:

Formula: Percentage = (Part/total value) x 100

Here’s an example to illustrate:

Let’s say you want to find 20% of 80:

Percentage = (20/100) x 80 Percentage = 0.20 x 80 Percentage = 16

So, 20% of 80 is 16.

How to Calculate Percentage of School Marks

Calculating the percentage of marks is a common task when it comes to grading or evaluating performance. To calculate the percentage of marks, you can use the following formula:

Formula to Find Percentage of Exam Marks = (Obtained marks / Total marks) x 100

Here’s an example to demonstrate how to calculate the percentage of marks:

Let’s say a student scored 75 marks out of 100 in a test: Percentage = (75 / 100) x 100 Percentage = 0.75 x 100 Percentage = 75%

So, the student scored 75% on the test.

How to Calculate Percent By Percentage Calculator

1 Step: Finding the Calculator

First, you’ll need to locate a percentage calculator online. There are many options available, so a simple web search should do the trick.

2 Step: Entering your Numbers

Most calculators will have two input fields. The first one, often labelled “Number” or “Digit Number,” is where you’ll enter the main value you want to work with.

3 Step: Adding a Second Number (Optional)

If you’re finding a percentage of something, you’ll need a second number. This number represents the whole amount. For instance, if you want to find 20% of 100, enter 100 as your first number.

The second number (100) represents the total amount. Some calculators might have a separate field labelled “% Percentage” for this second number.

4 Step: Automatic Calculation

The beauty of these calculators is that they’re often automatic! Unlike some calculators that require a separate “Calculate” button, percentage calculators usually perform the calculation as soon as you enter the numbers.

5 Step: Seeing the Answer

The result of your calculation will appear in a designated field, often labelled “Answer” or “Result.”

6 Step: Example in Action

Let’s say you’re calculating a discount. If a shirt costs ₹100 and there’s a 20% discount, enter 100 as the first number (the original price). You might leave the second number blank (since you’re not finding a percentage of another number) or enter 20 in the “% Percentage” field (depending on the calculator).

The calculator will automatically whir into action and display the discount amount (₹20) in the answer field.

How to Calculate percentage in a Normal Calculator

  1. Enter the number you want to find the percentage of.
  2. Press the multiplication (*) key on the calculator.
  3. Enter the percentage you want to calculate (for example, to calculate 10%, enter 10).
  4. Press the percentage (%) key on the calculator.

For example, to calculate 10% of 200:

  1. Enter 200 on the calculator.
  2. Press the multiplication (*) key.
  3. Enter 10.
  4. Press the percentage (%) key.

The result will be 20, which is 10% of 200.


  • Can I use the percentage calculator to split a bill among friends?

    Yes, you can use the percentage calculator to easily split a bill among friends. Simply enter the total bill amount, the number of people, and the percentage each person will pay.

  • How accurate are the results provided by the percentage calculator?

    The percentage calculator provides accurate results based on the input you provide. It performs calculations quickly and efficiently to give you the correct percentage values.

  • Can I use the percentage calculator to calculate tips at restaurants?

    Absolutely! The percentage calculator is perfect for calculating tips at restaurants. Just enter the total bill amount and the percentage you want to tip, and it will give you the tip amount.

  • Is the per cent calculator user-friendly for beginners?

    Yes, the online percentage calculator is designed to be user-friendly for beginners. It has a simple interface and clear instructions to help you input your values correctly.

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