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Annual Charges
- Rs.4,999 + Taxes

The SBI Card ELITE is a versatile premium card with diverse benefits spanning travel, dining, movies, rewards, and more. It caters to high spenders, offering substantial rewards and milestone perks, including Rs. 6,000 worth of annual movie tickets, exceeding its Rs. 4,999 annual fee. Complimentary lounge access, low forex fees, and Club Vistara membership further enhance its appeal.

  1. Generous Welcome Gift: SBI ELITE offers a welcome e-Gift Voucher worth Rs. 5,000 for various travel and lifestyle brands.

  2. Complimentary Movie Tickets: Enjoy free movie tickets worth Rs. 6,000 annually, perfect for cinephiles.

  3. Milestone Rewards: Earn up to 50,000 Bonus Reward Points, valued at Rs. 12,500 per year, by achieving spending milestones.

  4. 5X Reward Points: Get 5X Reward Points on Dining, Departmental stores, and Grocery Spends, making everyday purchases more rewarding.

  5. Lowest Forex Markup: Benefit from a low foreign currency markup charge of 1.99% on international transactions and earn 2 Reward Points on every Rs. 100 spent internationally.

Annual Fee (One Time) Rs. 4,999
Renewal Fee (Per Annum) Rs. 4,999
Finance Charges (Monthly) Up to 3.50% (42% per annum)
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Federal Scapia Credit Card
Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Nil
The Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card, a traveler's companion, offers unlimited domestic lounge access, 10% Scapia coins on all spending, 20% on travel bookings through Scapia app, and zero forex markup. With no joining or annual fees, it's a rewarding, cost-effective choice for travel enthusiasts seeking seamless experiences.
  • Unlimited Lounge Access: Federal Scapia Credit Card provides cardholders with unlimited access to domestic airport lounges when they spend a minimum of Rs. 5,000, enhancing their travel experience.
  • Scapia Coins Rewards: Cardholders earn 10% Scapia coins on all online and offline spending, with an additional 20% Scapia coins on travel bookings made through the Scapia app.
  • Zero Forex Markup: This card doesn't charge any forex markup fees on international transactions, making it an excellent choice for global travelers.
  • No Joining or Annual Fees: With no joining or annual fees, it offers a cost-effective way to enjoy travel benefits.
  • In-App Redemption: Scapia coins can be instantly redeemed for flights and hotel bookings through the Scapia app, providing flexibility and convenience.
Fee Type Amount
Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee Nil
Card Replacement Fee Rs. 200
Forex Markup Fee Zero
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IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card
IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 3,000 (Nil, if applied via Pricemint)
The IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card is your gateway to a world of premium privileges. Enjoy concierge services, travel benefits, and 1% surcharge waiver on fuel purchases. Get welcomed with EazyDiner vouchers and Luxe Gift Card access. With personal air accident insurance and various insurance benefits, it's your key to a secure and elevated lifestyle.
  • LIFETIME FREE CARD - No Joining Fees | No Annual Fees
  • Earn 1.5 Reward Points (1 Reward Point= Rs 0.65) on every Rs 150 spent
  • Great discounts on Ajio, Swiggy, PVR, Lifestyle, EazyDiner and more!
  • 1% fuel waiver charge on all petrol pumps across India
  • Get complimentary ICICI Lombard Travel insurance under the Platinum Travel Plus
  • Complimentary personal air accident insurance cover of up to Rs 25 lakhs
Joining Fee Rs. 3,000 (Nil if applied via Pricemint)
Annual Fee Nil
Fuel Surcharge Waiver 1% on fuel transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000
Zero Liability Insurance Covers unauthorized transactions prior to loss reporting, up to 48 days
Personal Air Accident Insurance Cover of Rs. 25 lakhs
Insurance Benefits Coverage for lost baggage, delayed baggage, loss of passport, lost ticket, and missed connection
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Axis Vistara Signature Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 3000 + GST
Elevate your travel experiences with the Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card. Enjoy a welcome gift of a Premium Economy class ticket and Club Vistara Silver Membership. Earn reward points, unlock premium lounge access, and relish dining discounts. Milestone spends bring up to 4 complimentary Premium Economy tickets per year. Explore the world in style.
  • Welcome Bonanza: Complimentary Premium Economy ticket and Club Vistara Silver Membership on joining.
  • Milestone Rewards: Up to 4 free Premium Economy tickets yearly on reaching spending goals.
  • Lounge Luxury: Access select airport lounges for a premium travel experience.
  • Dining Delights: Enjoy 25% off at Eazy Diner and golf offers.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Benefit from various insurance covers for peace of mind.
Joining Fee Rs. 3,000
Annual Fee Rs. 3,000
Finance Charges (Monthly) 3.4%
Finance Charges (Annual) 49.36%
Cash Withdrawal charges 2.5% or Rs 500, whichever is higher
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Kotak League Platinum Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 499

Experience luxury with the Kotak League Platinum Card. Earn up to 8 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent, and enjoy benefits like fuel and railway surcharge waivers, priority assistance, and milestone rewards. With a simple eligibility criterion and flexible annual fee options, it's the perfect card for an elevated lifestyle.

  • Rewarding Spends - Earn up to 8 points for every Rs. 150 spent.
  • Fuel & Railway Surcharge Waiver - Savings on fuel and rail transactions.
  • Priority Assistance - Enjoy prompt customer support.
  • Milestone Rewards - Get free PVR tickets or redeemable reward points.
  • Flexible Fees - Annual fee waiver with reasonable retail spending.
Joining Fees ₹499 (Nil under certain conditions)
Annual Fees ₹499 (Nil under certain conditions)
Annual Fee Waiver Criteria Minimum retail spends of ₹50,000/year
Add-on Card Fees Nil
Interest Charges 3.50% (Annualized 42%)
Minimum Amount Due (MAD) 5% or 10% of Total Amount Due (TAD)
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SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 499
The SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card is an excellent choice for individuals seeking rewarding benefits without high annual fees. With 10X reward points on dining, movies, and more, along with fuel surcharge waivers, it's perfect for everyday spending. The card offers a welcome cashback, contactless payments, and flexible EMI options, making it a valuable addition to your wallet.
  • 10X Rewards: Earn high reward points on dining, movies, and more.
  • Welcome Cashback: Get cashback on your initial ATM withdrawal.
  • Fuel Savings: Enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver for economical commuting.
  • Contactless Convenience: Make secure and swift contactless payments.
  • EMI Flexibility: Convert significant purchases into manageable EMIs.
Annual Fee ₹499 per year (reversed if annual spending > ₹1,00,000)
Renewal Fee ₹499 per year from the second year onwards
Add-on Card Fee Nil
Finance Fees (Interest) 3.50% per month (42% annually)
Late Payment Fee Varies based on the total overdue payment
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Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card
Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card

Annual Charges -
₹10,000 + GST
The Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card is tailored for premium travelers who prefer Vistara Airlines. It offers complimentary business class flights, Club Vistara Gold membership, and golf privileges. While it lacks international travel perks, its generous rewards and benefits make it a top choice for domestic business-class travelers in India.
  • All the Cashback that you earn using Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card, can be deducted from your credit card statement, just like real money
  • Complimentary Business Class domestic Vistara flight ticket
  • Complimentary Club Vistara Gold membership
  • Upto 4 free Business Class domestic tickets on milestone spends
  • 2 free lounge visits per quarter at select domestic airports
  • 6 complimentary rounds of golf
  • 6 CV Points per Rs. 200 spent across all categories
Joining Fees ₹10,000 + GST
Annual Fees ₹10,000 + GST
Interest Rate (APR) 3.6% per month (52.86% per annum)
Cash Withdrawal Charges 2.5% or ₹500, whichever is higher
Card Replacement Charges Nil
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Axis Privilege Credit Card
Axis Privilege Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 1,500+GST (nil for Axis Burgundy Customers)

The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card offers cardholders an array of benefits, including an activation benefit of Rs 5,000 in Multi Brand vouchers, milestone rewards of Rs 5,000 vouchers upon spending Rs 2.5 lakhs, and 8 complimentary lounge accesses at domestic airports. Experience a world of privileges with Axis Bank.

  • Welcome the benefit of 12500 EDGE points worth Rs 5,000 during redemption
  • Spend Rs 2.5 lakhs in a year to get 2X returns on your EDGE points
  • 2 free lounge visits per quarter at select domestic airports
  • Premium experiences with Axis' Extraordinary Weekends
  • 20% off at partner restaurants in India
  • 6 complimentary rounds of golf
  • 8 complimentary lounge access at selected domestic airports
Joining Fees Rs 1,500 + GST
Annual Fees Rs 1,500 + GST
Interest Rate 3.6% per month (49.36% per annum)
Cash Withdrawal Charges 2.5% or Rs 500 (whichever is higher)
Card Replacement Charges Nil
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IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 500 + GST
The IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card offers a host of travel and spending benefits, including a welcome voucher of Rs 500, 5 Reward points for every Rs 100 spent on IRCTC platforms, 1 Reward point on other spends, and a 5% Cashback on train ticket bookings. Enjoy annual fee waivers, fuel surcharge waivers, and exclusive lounge access. With easy eligibility and document requirements, it's an ideal card for frequent travelers and savvy spenders.
  • Welcome voucher worth Rs 500 on card activation within the first 37 days of card issuance
  • 5 Reward points for every Rs 100 spent on IRCTC ticketing website & Rail Connect App
  • 1 Reward point on every Rs 100 spent on all other spends
  • Additional 5% Cashback on train ticket bookings via HDFC Bank SmartBuy
  • Get lucrative vouchers on meeting minimum monthly spending criteria
  • Annual fee waiver on annual spends of Rs 1,50,000 or more
  • 8 complimentary access to select IRCTC Executive Lounges every year (2 per quarter)
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver (up to Rs 250) at all fuel stations across India (Transactions of Rs 400 - Rs 5,000)
  • Upto 50 days of interest-free period on your IRCTC HDFC Bank Credit Card from the date of purchase
  • Revolving Credit available at a nominal interest rate
  • Credit Card to UPI - The HDFC IRCTC Credit Card can be linked to your UPI
Annual Fee Rs. 500
Renewal Fee >Rs. 500 (Waived off on spending Rs. 1.5 lakh in previous year)
Finance Charges 3.6% p.m. (or 43.2% p.a.)
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IDFC Club Vistara Credit Card
IDFC Club Vistara Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 4999 + GST
The IDFC Club Vistara Credit Card is a premium travel card designed for frequent flyers who prefer Vistara Airlines. Cardholders enjoy an array of benefits, including complimentary Premium Economy tickets, lounge access, golf lessons, and trip cancellation coverage. With competitive forex rates and partner offers, it's the ideal travel companion.
  • Upto 6 Complimentary Premium Economy tickets and 1 Upgrade Voucher per year
  • Complementary Club Vistara Silver membership
  • Enjoy 8 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits and 4 complimentary international airport lounge visits yearly
  • Trip cancellation covers up To Rs 10,000 on flight and hotel bookings (2 claims annually)
  • Enjoy 12 complimentary golf lessons and 4 complimentary rounds of golf every year
  • Enjoy 3 months complimentary EazyDiner Prime membership and BQ Prime subscription
  • Earn upto 6 CV Points on all spends including Utility bill payments, Insurance, Fuel, Rent & Wallet Load
  • Get upto 6000 bonus CV Points on crossing monthly spend milestones in the first 3 months
  • Take advantage of competitive forex mark-up of just 2.99% on international transactions
  • Get 50+ In-App online discount offers
  • Enjoy up to 15% discount at 3,000+ Health and Wellness outlets
  • Dining discounts of up to 20% across 1,500 restaurants
Joining Fee Rs. 4,999 + GST
Annual Fee Rs. 4,999 + GST
Finance Charges From 0.75% to 3.5% per month
Late Payment Charges 15% of Total Amount Due, subject to a minimum of Rs. 100 and a maximum of Rs. 1,250
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