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Pricemint ROI Return on Investment Calculator India – To use the Pricemint ROI calculator online, you will typically need to enter the initial investment amount and your return amount. it will calculate the Return on Investment in percentage and show the results of Investment Profit or Loss.

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ROI Calculator
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How to use the ROI Return on Investment Calculator online

  1. There are several free ROI calculators available online to choose from. however, you can use our Pricemint ROI Calculator Page on Pricemint Website. It is quite easy, and simple, and has no button clicking to get results.
  2. You have to enter inputs such as the initial investment amount and the return amount.
  3. it will generate the ROI calculation as a percentage OR the total profit or loss amount. Review the results to determine the ROI of your investment

How to Calculate ROI Return on Investment in MS Excel

Pricemint Online Tools NameDetails
Enter the dataEnter the data into two columns in Excel. In one column, enter the cost of the investment, and in the other column, enter the revenue generated by the investment.
Calculate the net profitIn a third column, subtract the cost of the investment from the revenue generated to calculate the net profit.
Use the formulafourth column, uses the ROI formula to calculate the ROI as a percentage.
The ROI Formulafourth column uses the ROI formula to calculate the ROI as a percentage.
Format the cellFormat the cell to display the percentage value. You can do this by selecting the cell, right-clicking, and selecting “Format Cells.” Then, choose “Percentage” from the options

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

ROI stands for “Return on Investment.” It is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment. It is a valuable tool for businesses and investors because it can help them determine whether an investment is worth pursuing.

What is the Formula For ROI Calculation?

The formula for ROI is:

ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x 100

Where “Net Profit” is the amount of profit gained from the investment, and “Cost of Investment” is the total amount of money spent on the investment.

Best 20 percent return on investment in India

Some investments in India that have historically provided high returns Up to 20% at moderate Risk.

Investments OptionsInformation
EquitiesThe Indian stock market has shown significant growth over the past few decades
Real estateReal estate in India has also provided high returns to investors in the past
Mutual FundsSome Mutual funds provide returns of 20% or more in certain years

More ROI Calculators to Try

Pricemint ROI CalculatorPricemint Return on Investment (ROI) calculator is a web-based tool available on the pricemint fintech site that can help you calculate the ROI of an investment in simple 2 clicks.
SBI Mutual Fund ROI CalculatorIt is a free online tool that can be used to calculate ROI for different mutual fund schemes offered by SBI Mutual Fund
MoneyControl ROI CalculatorIt is a free online tool that can be used to calculate ROI for different investment types such as equities, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and more.

ROI Calculator FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Calculate ROI

To calculate ROI (Return on Investment), you can use the following formula: ROI = ((Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x 100) where: Net Profit = Revenue Generated – Cost of Investment

What is ROI in Loan

It is the context of loans is also known as the interest rate charged on the loan. When you borrow money, the lender charges an interest rate, which represents the cost of borrowing. This interest rate is the ROI for the lender and is usually expressed as a percentage.

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