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IndusInd Bank Avios Visa Infinite Credit Card
IndusInd Bank Avios Visa Infinite Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 10,000
The IndusInd Bank Avios Visa Infinite Credit Card is a premium travel card that offers a world of benefits. Cardholders can choose between Qatar Airways and British Airways, earn accelerated Avios points, and enjoy exclusive travel perks. With a sleek design and contactless payment option, it's your key to a world of unforgettable journeys.
  • Airline Loyalty Choice: Cardholders can select between Qatar Airways Privilege Club and British Airways Executive Club, tailoring their rewards to their preferred airline.
  • Accelerated Avios Points: Earn Avios points quickly, making it easy to redeem them for flight tickets, hotel stays, and more.
  • Exclusive Travel Benefits: Enjoy complimentary meet-and-greet services, concierge assistance, and travel insurance for a seamless and secure travel experience.
  • Contactless Payment: The card offers a convenient and secure chip-based contactless payment option, accepted at numerous merchant locations worldwide.
  • Visa Network Offers: Access discounts on Airport Fast Track immigration services and airport limo transfers through Visa's exclusive offers.
Fee Type Amount
Joining Fee Rs. 40,000
Annual/Renewal Fee Rs. 10,000
Finance Charges 3% p.m. (36% p.a.)
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