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kotak indianoil credit card
IndianOil Kotak Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 449/-
The IndianOil Kotak Credit Card, a collaboration between Kotak Mahindra Bank and IndianOil Corporation, offers significant fuel savings, rewarding dining and grocery spends, and a range of benefits, including personal accident insurance and concierge services. With annual fee waivers and valuable reward points, it's a smart choice for frequent travelers and shoppers.
  • Fuel Savings: Up to 5% savings on IndianOil fuel transactions and a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at IndianOil outlets.
  • Reward Points: Earn generous reward points on fuel, dining, and grocery spending, along with a welcome benefit.
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Annual fee of INR 449 waived on spending INR 50,000 in the previous year.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Cardholders receive INR 2,00,000 for personal accident insurance coverage.
  • Concierge Services: Access to personal concierge services for various needs, including reservations and bookings.
Charge Type Amount (INR)
Joining Fee 449/-
Annual Fee 449/- (Waived if INR 50,000 spent in the previous year)
Interest Charges 3.5% (Annualized @ 42%)
Add-on Card Fees NIL
Minimum Amount Due (MAD) 5% or 10% of Total Amount Due (TAD) as decided by the Bank
ATM Cash Withdrawal 300/- per INR 10,000 or part thereof
Late Payment Charges (LPC) INR 100 - INR 700 (Based on outstanding balance)
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SBI Cashback Card
SBI Cashback Card

Annual Charges -
Rs. 999 + GST
The Cashback SBI Card offers exclusive cashback privileges, including 5% cashback on online spends (up to ₹5,000 per month), 1% cashback on offline spends, and a 10% discount during major online sales events. Additionally, it provides an annual fee waiver for those who spend ₹2,00,000 or more annually, along with fuel surcharge waivers, add-on cards, and global ATM access. Cardholders enjoy convenient auto-credited cashback to their SBI Card account.
  • Get Exclusive Cashback Privileges with maximum value-back on all your spends
  • 5% Cashback on Online spends
  • (capped at ₹5000 per month combined for both Online & Offline spends)
  • 1% Cashback on Offline Spends
  • Instant 10% discount on Flipkart, Amazon & More during Big Online Sales
  • Annual fee waiver on annual spends of Rs 2,00,000 or more
  • 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver upto Rs 100 / statement cycle on transaction between Rs 500 to Rs 3000
  • Add on Cards for your parents, spouse, children or siblings above the age of 18
  • Withdraw cash from over 1 million VISA across the globe
  • Card Cashback will be auto-credited to your SBI Card account within two days of your next statement generation
Joining Fee Rs. 999
Annual Fee (1st Year) Nil
Annual Fee (2nd Year onwards) Rs. 999 + GST (Waived on annual spends of Rs. 2 Lakh)
Finance Charges (Monthly) 3.5% (42% p.a.)
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Altura Plus Credit Card
AU Altura Plus Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 499 + Taxes
Unlock a world of luxury with the AU Altura Plus Credit Card. Earn cashback, double reward points for online transactions, and enjoy complimentary lounge access. Fuel surcharge waivers and contactless payments add convenience. Benefit from partner offers and waive the annual fee with eligible spending. Your path to financial freedom starts here.
  • Cashback Rewards: Earn 1.5% cashback on POS retail spends, and enjoy a maximum cashback of INR 100 per statement cycle.
  • Double Reward Points: Get 2X Reward Points on online transactions and 1 Reward Point per INR 100 for specific category spends.
  • Lounge Access: Enjoy 2 complimentary lounge visits per quarter at select railway stations with your VISA Card.
  • Fuel Savings: Benefit from a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between INR 400 and INR 5,000 at all fuel stations.
  • Annual Fee Waiver: The annual fee can be waived by meeting spending thresholds.
Joining Fees Rs. 499 + Taxes
Annual Fees Rs. 499 + Taxes
Annual Fee Waiver (1st Year) Spend Rs. 20,000 within 90 days of card setup
Annual Fee Waiver (Subsequent Years) Spend Rs. 80,000 in the previous card anniversary year
Revolving Credit Charge 3.49% per month (41.88% annually)
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MoneyBack Credit Card
HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 500
The HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card offers instant cashbacks on all purchases, making it a rewarding choice. Eligible for individuals with a monthly income above ₹25,000, it provides 2X Reward Points on online spending, dining privileges, and a 1% fuel surcharge waiver. Plus, enjoy zero lost card liability and up to 50 days of interest-free credit.
  • Double Rewards: Earn 2X Reward Points on online spending.
  • Fuel Savings: Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver.
  • Zero Liability: Benefit from zero lost card liability.
  • Dining Delights: Access exclusive dining privileges with Good Food Trail.
  • Rewarding Milestones: Earn quarterly gift vouchers up to ₹2,000.
Joining Fee Rs. 500
Annual Fee Rs. 500
Finance Charges (Interest Rate) 3.6% p.m. (43.2% p.a.)
Reward Type CashBack
Late Payment Fee Between Rs. 400 to Rs. 1300 depending on overdue
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SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 499
The SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card is an excellent choice for individuals seeking rewarding benefits without high annual fees. With 10X reward points on dining, movies, and more, along with fuel surcharge waivers, it's perfect for everyday spending. The card offers a welcome cashback, contactless payments, and flexible EMI options, making it a valuable addition to your wallet.
  • 10X Rewards: Earn high reward points on dining, movies, and more.
  • Welcome Cashback: Get cashback on your initial ATM withdrawal.
  • Fuel Savings: Enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver for economical commuting.
  • Contactless Convenience: Make secure and swift contactless payments.
  • EMI Flexibility: Convert significant purchases into manageable EMIs.
Annual Fee ₹499 per year (reversed if annual spending > ₹1,00,000)
Renewal Fee ₹499 per year from the second year onwards
Add-on Card Fee Nil
Finance Fees (Interest) 3.50% per month (42% annually)
Late Payment Fee Varies based on the total overdue payment
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Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 499
The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card offers 5% cashback on Flipkart and Myntra, 4% on select partners, and 1.5% on other transactions. With welcome benefits, airport lounge access, fuel discounts, and dining perks, it's ideal for online shoppers and travelers. Eligibility includes a minimum income and A Good credit score.
  • 5% Cashback on Flipkart and Myntra: Earn generous cashback on your favorite online shopping platforms.
  • Select Partner Merchant Discounts: Enjoy 4% cashback on popular brands like Swiggy, Uber, and PVR.
  • Free Airport Lounge Access: Access domestic airport lounges four times a year at no cost.
  • 1% Fuel Discount: Get a waiver on fuel purchases within a specific transaction range.
  • Dining Delights: Avail a 20% direct discount at partner restaurants across India.
Welcome Benefits ₹1,100 worth of welcome benefits
Joining Fee ₹500 + 18% GST (may apply)
Annual Fee ₹500 (waived if you spend ₹2 lakhs in a year)
Cash Withdrawal Fee 2.5% of the total amount (Minimum ₹500)
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SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 499
The SimplyCLICK SBI Card is your gateway to exclusive online shopping rewards and financial perks. With 10X reward points on top e-commerce partners, fuel surcharge waivers, milestone rewards, and contactless technology, it's your key to convenient, secure, and rewarding transactions worldwide.
  • High Rewards on Online Shopping: Earn 10X reward points on online purchases from popular partners, making your shopping experiences even more rewarding.
  • Annual Fee Reversal: Spend just Rs. 1,00,000 to have the annual fee of Rs. 499 reversed for the following year, saving you money.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 at petrol stations.
  • Contactless Convenience: Make quick and secure payments with contactless technology, enhancing transaction speed and security.
  • Global Acceptance: Accepted at over 24 million outlets worldwide, it's your trusted companion for payments at home and abroad.
Annual Fee (One-time) 499
Renewal Fee (Per Annum) 499 (From the 2nd year)
Add-on Fee (Per Annum) Nil
Late Payment Charges As per Terms & Conditions
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Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card

Annual Charges - Rs. 530
The Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card is a digital credit card offering a hassle-free way to shop with interest-free EMIs at a vast network of partner stores. Enjoy a pre-approved limit of up to ₹2 lakh, flexible repayment options, and zero foreclosure charges. It's your key to affordable and convenient shopping.
  • Generous Pre-Approved Limit: Enjoy a pre-approved loan limit of up to ₹2 lakh for your purchases.
  • Interest-Free EMIs: Convert your purchases into interest-free EMIs for up to 60 months.
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Choose from various repayment tenures to suit your budget.
  • Zero Foreclosure Charges: No additional charges if you decide to pay off your loan early.
  • Easy Application: Apply online and get approval within minutes for quick access to your virtual card.
Joining Fee ₹530 (inclusive of all taxes)
Annual Fee ₹117 (inclusive of all taxes)
Late Payment Fee ₹117 (inclusive of all taxes)
Foreclosure Charges Nil
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Axis My Zone Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Rs. 500
The Axis My Zone Credit Card offers exciting benefits, including Swiggy discounts, movie BOGO offers, airport lounge access, and robust EMV chip security. With a low annual fee and tailored rewards, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a rewarding entry-level credit card for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Swiggy Savings: Enjoy instant discounts on Swiggy orders.
  • BOGO Movies: Get Buy One Get One offers on movie tickets.
  • Airport Lounge Access: Complimentary visits to domestic lounges.
  • EMV Chip Security: Enhanced card protection with EMV technology.
  • Low Annual Fee: Affordable access to rewarding perks.
Joining Fee Rs. 500 (or Lifetime Free offer)*
Annual Fee (2nd Year onwards) Rs. 500 (or Lifetime Free offer)*
Add-on Card Joining Fee Nil
Add-on Card Annual Fee Nil
Cash Payment Fee Rs. 100
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IDFC First Millennia Credit Card
IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card

Annual Charges
- Lifetime Free Credit Card
The IDFC First Millennia Credit Card is a versatile financial tool designed to cater to the modern customer's needs. With no annual fees and competitive interest rates, it offers substantial cashback, reward points, and discounts on dining and entertainment. It's a reliable and cost-effective choice for savvy spenders.
  • Welcome Benefits: Receive 10% cashback on the first transaction within 30 days, along with a ₹500 voucher for spending ₹15,000 within 90 days of card issuance.
  • Milestone Benefits: Earn 2.5% cashback on spending above Rs. 1 lakh annually.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Enjoy a waiver of up to Rs. 250 per month on fuel surcharge at any Indian petrol pump.
  • Dining and Entertainment Benefits: Get up to 15% discount at partner restaurants and up to 10% discount on movie tickets and entertainment events.
  • Flexible Reward Points: Earn 6X reward points on online and offline purchases, with the ability to redeem them for cashback, travel bookings, merchandise, or gift vouchers.
Charges and Fees Amount
Joining Fee No Joining Fee (Lifetime Free)
Annual Fee No Annual Fee (Lifetime Free)
Finance Charges 0.75% to 3.5% per month
Late Payment Fee 15% of Total Amount Due
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