Different Types of Debit Cards (plastic card) In India 2022

Types of Debit Cards – For Quick And Easy Access to Money, A Debit card offered by Bank For Enables your cashless transactions. You don’t need to carry hard cash. Above all, With the Debit card, you don’t need to write a cheque, no need to go to the bank to withdraw cash, you can do your shopping anywhere By holding a debit card.

According to hundreds of surveys, most individuals believe that debit cards are much better than credit cards to avoid debt and overspending.

In today’s fast-paced world, A Debit card is a need of everyone for effortless transactions.
All the big or small transactions are possible by linked payment networks.
There are a bunch of payment networks in the world that make our transactions faster.

Here is the list of top debit cards linked Payment systems in the india –

VISA1958VISA is an American financial firm that offered worldwide safe transaction facilities. Most trusted one of the payment firms in the world.
MasterCard1966Mastercard is a great alternative to Visa. it is based in the USA And one of the trusted payment systems in the industry.
Visa Electron1985Started by VISA, Visa Electron is a debit card product firm issuing banks in almost all countries with the exception of Australia, Canada, the US, And Argentina.
RuPay2012Rupay is an Indian payment service system. it is accessible not only to domestic and international too. it is one of the fastest-growing payment networks in India.
Maestro1991Maestro is the payment services brand by American Firm MasterCard. It can be used at POS and ATM machines.

Types of Debit Cards in India

Types of Debit Cards in India

Here is the list of types of debit cards in the Indian market. the debit card types depending on the types of payment platforms that are linked with.

  1. VISA Debit Cards
  2. RuPay Debit Cards
  3. MasterCard Debit Cards
  4. Visa Electron Debit Cards
  5. Maestro Debit Cards
  6. Contactless debit cards


You saw a lot of times VISA Logo on debit cards. Visa is an American financial services firm. This Visa card is a globally accepted debit card that makes enables all international offline and online transactions easier and faster.

Bank offers visa debit cards by cooperation with American popular Payment services firm. these debit cards come in several types to choose from.

Types of Visa Debit CardsDetails
Visa Classic Debit cardsFor good shopping, dining, and travel, Visa Classic card is accepted for various of category and worldwide. Additionally, it offers Emergency cash advance and 24/7 inquiries support.
The Visa Gold Debit cardsGold debit cards offer a high limit of transactions, assistance for travel and medical. cash disbursement services for travel support. with the use of this card, you can do all types of transactions all over the world.
Platinum Visa Debit CardsFor the privilege, decent discount, widely accepted, it is a beneficial debit card by Visa. Additionally, 24-hour customer assistance inquiries.
Visa Signature CardsSignature Card is a versatile featured support card by visa. From any time customer support, discount on deals, daily spending, it provides much of benefits in categories.
Visa Infinite Debit cardsInfinite cards are high-end cards offered by VISA. it provides the best offers for card holders. insurance, rewards, multiple great benefits for its high-end cardholders.

it also enables overdraft facilities to cardholders.

RuPay Debit Cards

RuPay is one of the fastest-growing payment platforms in India. it offers a very low cost on transactions. it is accessible for rural users too.
Fun fact, Rupay is the most used transactions payment platform In India. almost 90 percent of daily transactions are done by Rupay cards.

Rupay offers several types of debit cards to users. For instance,

Types of RuPay Debit Cards
Classic Debit CardsClassic is an all-in-one debit card for online and offline transactions everywhere. moreover, it is made for all-purpose and withdrawing cash from anywhere.
Platinum Debit cardsRupay Platinum is made for benefits in daily lifestyle spending. Additionally, It offers good cashback and interesting discounts from preferred merchants.
Select Rupay Debit cardsSelect Debit Card is for high-end users to join the exclusive club. it offers benefits of lounge access, discounts, gym access, Health checkup, etc.

Rupay enables you to withdraw cash from almost every atm machine in India or outside India. Additionally, it offers good convenience compared to other payment networks.

For more convenience and flexibility to cardholders, Rupay is on a mission of 2.0.

MasterCard Debit Cards

by cooperation with Indian banks, Mastercard is another great performance debit card provider. it is an American payment from. Mastercard debit cards are the best alternative to VISA Cards.

MasterCard debit cards are globally acceptable cards. which means it is more flexible and convenient for abroad.

it offers time-saver transactions in the world. Moreover, There are several types of debit cards in the market offered by MasterCard firm.

Type of MasterCard Debit CardsDetails
Standard debit cardStandard debit cards of MasterCard are acceptable for all merchants worldwide. it is a decent card for enabling all online or offline transactions in more faster.
The Enhanced debit cardFor Good Protection, benefits, and security, Mastercard offers enhanced debit cards to users.
The World Debit MasterCardWorld cards are quite good for lifestyle and insurance benefits. it provides Free professional travel services, Zero Liability Protection, etc.

Visa Electron Debit Cards

The features of Electron Cards are quite similar to Visa Debit cards. By using of visa Electron card, The card allows the cardholders to withdraw cash from atm machines. moreover, there is no interest fee on withdrawing cash from the atm machine.

it is mostly issued by banks for new teenage customers or who have low credit.

There are a few drawbacks to the card, it does not offer overdraft facilities to the users. moreover, it is not accepted in some countries like Australia, Ireland, the United States, and Canada.

The Bank of India, syndicate bank, and other Indian banks issue these debit cards to the account holder.

Maestro Cards

Indian big banks like the state bank of India and other popular banks issued maestro cards. except for one bank ICICI, But Almost all government-owned and private bank offers cards for good convenience.

it is owned by Mastercard. it accepted by all countries of the world. For low-cost transaction charges And Flexibility That a quite a decent to choose from.

By swiping a card it does your transactions in a number of seconds.

withdrawing cash from atm, travel assistance, and much more benefits come with it. Above all, By the MasterCard, it is easily accepted all over the globe.

Contactless debit cards

You can do your transactions by just waving your Contactless debit cards. you don’t need to enter the pin. it is a new age card for card holders.

As per the RBI regulations, Contactless Debit Cards can do transactions under a rupee of 2000 in all of the merchant stores.

Contactless transactions by card are more secure and convenient by Near Field Technology. Additionally, it is quite a great option for small transactions.

Above All, There are more than 60% of under-rupee 2000 transactions are done by Cashless debit cards.

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