TrueCaller Alternative app 2022 – Best Apps in India For Choose

TrueCaller Alternative: Fed up with repeated fraud calls? For protection from Scam And Spam, TrueCaller is the most accepted app among the Indian audience. it is a caller identification app for free. It is made in Sweden and is popular in India.

it is accessible on both Android And IOS for download on your smartphone. For Android Users, you can simply download it from the google play store. Moreover, For IOS, it is available to install from Apple App Store.

It has three pricing plans for consumers. However, it is available on all app stores for free to install.

  • Free: A Free Version for normal use. it only allows the facility of the Caller ID and Spam Blocking. Moreover, With a drawback, Ads will display While Using the app.
  • Premium: On the premium version, The price of premium services is ₹529 per year. It enables all the advanced features for extra protection. For example, No ads, and Who Viewed My Profile features.
  • GOLD: On the Gold Plan, The Gold Version pricing is around ₹5,000 per year. it allows all the premium features with a dash of gold.

What the features you get with this spam caller app –

No AdsIt enables the facility of no ads on use. but it is only for paid plans.
Incognito ModeIt offers the feature to check other user profiles anonymously. (Only Paid)
Spam Blockingit has the features of auto-blocking most spam calls within seconds.
Caller IDit provides a multi-featured Caller ID in all pricing plans which is quite good compared to more spam blocking apps.
Additional– Premium Badge
– Announce Calls
– Advanced Spam Blocking
– Gold Caller ID
– Who Viewed My Profile
Ghost Call
– SMS Enabled
Note: Only For Android Device

There are hundreds of more apps in the app store to choose from. that is why most individuals are still confused.

They search for more similar apps like truecaller or find what are the best TrueCaller Alternatives available in the app market for better selection. Therefore, Through this article, we are going to provide you most popular TrueCaller Alternative for a better selection.

Here is the latest list of similar and alternative apps of TrueCaller.

  1. ShowCaller – It could be a one of the Best TrueCaller Alternative For choose (Similiar Features And UI)
  2. WhosCall ( TrueCaller Alternative Compared by Services)
  3. Hiya
  4. CallApp
  5. BharatCaller
  6. Sync.ME
  7. CallerSmart
  8. Caller ID
  9. Mr. Number
  10. Callblock
  11. ViewCaller
  12. True Directory
  13. TrapCall
  14. Eyecon
  15. Numler
  16. Call Control
  17. Who’s Calling Me

ShowCaller Best Alternative of TrueCaller By Features

truecaller alternative by google

it could be the best alternative to TrueCaller. Most of the features are identical. it has more than 1 crore downloads from the google play store.

ShowCaller provides the easy interface of Caller ID And Alerts on Fraud Calls For Attend or Blocking. Moreover, The scam detector is quite good for avoiding telemarketing calls, Ads Calls, And Scammers.

On play store, It has a 4.1 Star Rating out of 5 which is quite impressive. The App is available for download on both iPhone And Android. To install on Android, you can search on the play store. Moreover, You can download the app through the Apple app store for iPhone Users For Free.

the free version will display a few advertisements while using the app. moreover, it has decent features for free.

Additionally, it has a premium version for additional features for better safety from spamming. in the premium plan, It has the facility of no ads while using. The Size of the App is Under 10Mb and the minimum android version is 4.4 for download.

  • Good Record Button
  • Decent UI
  • Small App Size
  • Good Detector
  • according to users, Sometimes hanging
  • Ask For Few Phone Permission

WhosCall Another Truecaller alternative

Whoscall is a caller identity finder app. it is a freemium app for better safety for spam. For installation, it is easily available on google play store and apple app store.

it offers the Decent UI Caller ID And Blocking facility similar to TrueCaller. it has a 3.7 Star Rating on Google Play Store. Moreover, it has almost 5 crores download too.

The app overall is free. with displaying ads while using. you will get a few manual features in the free pricing plan. However, the Search Number and Caller ID are Basic functions in the Free version.

Here is the list of functions on the free plan –

  • Manual Blocking
  • Manual Updates
  • No SMS Filtering

For Advanced Features, it has a premium plan for both ios and android. on the premium plan, it switches all manual features to Automatic. The premium app pricing is around $2 per month. For the Yearly, the plan is around $20.

The Size of the Application is under 20MB. Minimum Android Requirement Is 4.4 or More.

According to Most of the features and Premium plan, it could be a decent option to choose of truecaller alternatives.

  • Good Premium Plan
  • Decent UI
  • Small Size
  • Automatic Features
  • Bugs According to Users
  • UI Could Be Better

Hiya Decent Choice of TrueCaller Alternative

TrueCaller Alternative

Hiya is a caller Detection app. The firm is based in Seattle. it provides protection from spam calls. moreover, it offers the facility to block unwanted and fraudulent calls. it also offers virus protection and phone security.

On Google Play Store, It has more than 1 crore downloads and a star rating of 3.7 out of 5.

The app is available on Android and IOS For download. For Android, The size of the App is around 12 MB. minimum requirement is above 4.4. you can install it from the google play store.

Moreover, For IOS, it is available on Apple App Store For installation. The size of the IOS App is around 86MB.

This is a fully Free App With No Ads While Using. it provides an absolutely free facility for the detection of unwanted robocalls of telemarketers, offers calls, and Other Fraud Calls. it is the best option for individuals who want a free TrueCaller Alternative app.

  • its Fee
  • No Ads
  • Good UI
  • Manage contacts
  • recognizer could be better
  • Bugs reported by Users.


truecaller alternative indian app

CallApp is another truecaller alternative for choose. it offers a recording facility for security and evidence. it enables the facility to identify unknown numbers. moreover, it provides a simple interface Caller ID Too.

For Scam and spamming, it blocks telemarketing & telemarketer calls. it stops the robocalls too. which is good for free from annoying calls.

It is only for android devices, The app size is around 30MB. Moreover, it has a 3.9-star rating out of 5. Above All, it has more than 10 crore downloads from the google play store.

Apart from the Caller ID, you can set a video as a ringtone for incoming calling.

Additionally, it is a free app with multiple features for good support and avoiding spam. it could be a decent multi-featured alternative of truecaller.

  • Decent UI
  • Call Recording
  • identify all numbers
  • Good Features
  • some lagging report by users
  • Only For Android


truecaller alternative indian app

if you want a made an India app for call identification, BharatCaller could be a truecaller alternative Indian app for users. it’s a free app that offers several features for better safety and avoiding junk calls. the firm have more than 50 million user database. However, you will notice ads while using the app.

The Caller ID of the app is quite identical to TrueCaller. However, unlike truecaller, it has referral feature for earning PayTm Money.

it is only available for android users, you can direct download it from the google play store. The app size is under 10MB and the minimum android requirement is 4.4 or More. Moreover, it has almost 5 lakh installs and a 4.0 rating out of 5 on the app store.

Additionally, it has a pricing model of the Premium version. It allows additional features like you can see the who visit your profile. including no ads while using the app.

  • Its Free
  • Small App
  • Decent UI
  • Decent Features
  • UI Could Be More User Friendly


Sync me is an identify calls service app. it allows the services of identifying unknown calls and blocking unwanted calls for avoiding inappropriate calls. It has 50 lakh installs from google play store.

it enables the feature of Reverse Phone Lookup to identify the true caller ID. it offers Call Recorder for saving evidence. Moreover, it blocks robocalls of telemarketing firms automatically.

It works on apple and android devices. you can download it from play store for android. For iPhone, you can search it on apple app store.

On Play Store, The file size is under 30mb. Above all, the app has more than 50 lakhs downloads. Moreover, it has a 4 ratings out of 5 which is good compared to more similar apps.

Additionally, it has a premium plan for additional features for better call identification.

  • Good Call Recording Feature
  • Caller ID Theme
  • Decent UI
  • Premium version could be better

CallerSmart (A Identical App or truecaller alternative for iphone)

truecaller alternative for iphone

CallerSmart is an IOS Based Call Identical service. it offers for free Reverse Lookup Phone Book for identifying unknown phone numbers and blocking fraud calls.

It is available for installation only on IOS Devices. it helps to avoid spam text Messages too. Above All, it is free to use app. However, it has two paid services.

The starting price of this paid services is

  • The basic price of Premium Report Credit is around $4.
  • The pack of 2 premium credit price is around $5.
  • The last price of pack of 3 premium credit report is $6.

You can install the ios app from apple app store. it has 4.3 star rating out of 5. it provides several features avoiding telemarketing calls and robocalls.

  • Good for IOS
  • Decent UI
  • Good Features
  • Reverse Lookup option
  • Only For IOS
  • paid services

Caller ID

Caller ID is a caller ID identifying and blocking app. it provides the facility to block scam numbers automatically. Above All, it is already quite a popular alternative for truecaller too. it has more than 1crore downloads on the google play store. Moreover, 4.3 out of 5 rating which is quite impressive compared to more similar app in the app market.

The File size is also too lite. it is just around 5MB Size application. Smart Call Log and Default SMS app are quite attractive beneficial features too.

It works on android and phones, you can download it from both devices app stores.

Additionally, it is free to install and use however, it Contains ads while using.

  • Good Features compared to similar apps
  • Decent UI
  • It free to install and use
  • Contains ads
  • Quite similar UI Like TrueCaller

Mr. Number

The parent firm is Hiya. Mr. Number is a call dialer free app. it helps to avoid spam and intrusive calls. robocalls like Telemarketers, Offers calls, fraud calls, and third-party scammers call.
it stops all types of inappropriate calls. Moreover, it has Reverse Number Lookups for identifying unknown calls.

The app is available on both devices for free. For android, Playstore is the best option. Moreover, the apple app store for IOS Devices.

On Android phone it quite popular, The app has more than 1 crore downloads via the google play store. Above All, it has a good rating of 4 out of 5.

Additionally, it is a free app with display ads on use.

  • Good UI
  • Free to Install
  • Good Reverse Number lookups feature
  • Bugs and laging report by users


Call block is a call identifier app for android and ios. it stops intrusive calls, surveys and telemarketing calls. moreover, it has features of Do Not Disturb for stop calls while focusing on work.

it is available for both devices. For Android Devices, the file size is around 15Mb. Above All, it is quite popular. it has 10 lakhs download on the play store. Additonally, for iPhone, you can use apple app store for install.

The callblock is free to use. However, while using the app, there are a few ads displayed.

Additionally, it has also an option for reply SMS Text in caller ID. Moreover, it has A Simple Caller ID for more user-friendly behavior.

  • Direct SMS features
  • Its free to install
  • Good UI
  • Small Size App
  • Ads while using
  • UI could be better


ViewCaller is an IOS And Android caller ID App. it offers multiple features for better security. it enables the recording while calling. it helps to identify the Dialer ID name and address. it’s a free-to-use app. Moreover, it blocks the spam calls for avoing annoying disturbance.

The additional features are Smart search, Speed dial, View history, Call log for better support for avoiding fraud.

It works for no cost on both devices. you can install the app from the Apple app store for IOS Devices. moreover, it is available on the google play store for download on Android smartphones.

On google play store, it has more than 5 lakh downloads and it has 4 ratings out of 5 which is quite cool.

Additionally, The UI Is quite identical to the truecaller. there are few ads while using it.

  • No premium
  • Multi Featured
  • Decent UI
  • Decent user-friendly

True Directory

True Directory is a caller Detection and Blocker app. it blocks the repeated unknown calls. morever, it provides a decent simple interface Caller ID.

For Smartphone, you can download it from google app store. However, it is accessible on android only. On play Store, it has more than 10 lakh installs. Moreover, the file size of app is 7Mb. The minimum requirement of android version is 4.0 or more.

Additonally, it has a 3.9 star rating out of 5. which is quite decent compared to more free apps.

it is a completely free app to use. in addition, no ads while using it too. there is no premium plan are able in it. it could be a better true caller alternative for choose.

  • Good Caller ID
  • Its Free
  • Decent UI
  • UI Could be better


TrapCall is a decent app for the automatic blocking of spam. it enables the Reverse Number Lookups to identify unknown phone numbers. moreover, it stops the robocalls of telemarketers, Ads calls, fraud offers calls.

The app is free to install on the google play store but you have to buy a paid subscription for use. It works on both android and ios devices. on play store, the size of app is under 20mb and the minimum android requirement is 4.0 or above.

Moreover, it has more than 10 lakh installs. it has a 3 star rating out of 5 which is decent.

For iPhone, you can install the app from apple app store. moreover, it has 4.2 rating out 5 which is good.

Additionally, it allows the facility to block harassing callers. It records the call for evidence of fraud too.

  • Good Automatic System
  • Record calls
  • Stop robocalls
  • It not free
  • bugs reported by most of users

Eyecon (Good TrueCaller Alternative)

similar apps like truecaller

Eyecon is a simple pictured Based Calling App. Moreover, it offers a full-screen Caller ID and spam blocking feature for security from scammers. You can perform free Reverse Lookup on EyeCon Also. All you need do is Enter the mobile number.

it is a freemium app. the free plan has limited reverse lookups and displays ads while using. moreover, if you switch to the premium has no ads feature and unlimited access to reverse lookups.

it works on iPhones and androids. For Android, the app size is under 50 MB. you can install it through the play store. moreover, the minimum version of android requirement is 5.0 or More. Above All, it has more than 5 crore downloads only from google play store.

Additionally, For iPhone, it is available to download through the Apple app store. it has a 4.5 rating out of 5 which is quite impressive.

Apart from Caller ID, it offers an acceptable performance on battery optimization. it could be a decent alternative of truecaller for choose.

  • Pictured Call ID
  • Decent UI
  • Free to Use
  • limited reverse lookups


it is a caller ID and blocker app for only android users. it was built by the AG Dev firm. it provides the facility of reverse phone number lookup for avoiding scammers and spam calls.

On google play store, It has a 3.5 rating out of 5. moreover, it has almost 1 lakh downloads.

it has a decent Dashboard with a lot of features chatting, recent calls, and more. However, it asks you for more permission compared to similar apps.

For Android Users, It’s a totally free app available on the google play store. Moreover, you can download it from other android app sites from the google engine.

Note: Only Try to install it from google play store for security reasons.

  • Decent Features
  • It’s Free
  • Chatting Features
  • Decent UI
  • Bugs Complained By Few Users

Call Control

Could you find a free app that alternative to truecaller? Then try This, Call Control is a completely free app for blocking unwanted calls. it provides the feature to block text messages too.

it blocks popular spam calls and text. moreover, you can share your review about any unknown number.

The app provides several features for better safety and security from spam and junk calls. here is the list of free features that you get in the app.

  • Text SMS filter
  • Community Blacklist
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Block violators
  • Do Not Disturb
  • text SMS blacklist

Apart from Call blocking, it has a feature of do not disturb for the schedule when you want no calls.

it is available on the Apple app store for download iPhone users. moreover, for android, you can download it from the google app store.

on google play store, it has more than 50 lakh installs. And it has a 4.1-star rating out of 5 which is quite good for a decent app.

  • It Complete Free
  • Good Do not Disturb
  • SMS Blocking
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Bugs found by Some Users

Who’s Calling Me TrueCaller Alternative

TrueCaller Alternative

By DevAppTeam, Who’s Calling Me is a simple spam protector android app. it offers multiple features for better protection from fraud calls. The app featured spam detection for identifying junk calls. moreover, it offers the facility of a blacklist for blocking unwanted numbers.

Additionally, it has more features like Caller ID and Window caller which are quite similar to the true caller app.

On Google Play Store, it has 10 lakh downloads and a 4-star rating out of 5. For Android Users, you can install the app from the play store. however, it is not available for IOS Users.

The app size for download is under 10MB.

  • Decent Caller ID
  • Good Spam Detection
  • Blacklist option
  • Window Caller Popup
  • Quite Slow compared to similar apps
  • few bugs according to users
  • UI Could be Good

Read More Reviews Like TrueCaller Alternatives

I hope these TrueCaller Alternatives help you to find the right similar app. comment below your favorite app and share your review about these apps.

Additionally, If you want any updates or find any issues contact us to change.

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