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Savefrom Net Alternative – Save From Net is an Online YouTube Video Downloader Platform. it offers a click-to-Go Service to Download Video Content For Free. it mainly focuses to provide Non-Subscription Free Service to individuals to access and download Video Files. moreover, it not only focuses on YouTube, but you also have access to save and download videos from a few popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And DailyMotion.

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Here is the total list of websites that you can use SaveFrom To Download Video Content from –

  • Vimeo
  • Odnoklassniki
  • TikTok
  • Reddit
  • SoundCloud
  • VK

What is SaveFrom Helper?

You can also use SaveFrom Helper, It is a browser extension that offers to direct save video services without leaving the social network website.

Furthermore, it has another cool feature that enables you to provide various Video Formats and Video Quality Options like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, And Ultra HD Video Resolutions to download videos directly to your Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, And Tabs. Moreover, save from net also provides the facility to Save and download Mp3 quality songs. now, a Few FAQs in Your Mind –

Is SaveFrom.Net Legal in India?

It is moderately Legal But Downloading YouTube Content videos are really illegal to download as per Copyright laws. reproducing the other copyright owner’s video content, making copies of the content, and downloading the copyrighted content to share other platforms is completely against the law. For Only Personal Use and storing video content on your Personal Devices, You may not need to feel unsafe.

Is SaveFrom.NET is Safe To Use?

Yes! SaveFrom.NET is Moderately Safe but it uses a few irritating advertisements to earn income. which automatically downloads unknown apps, shows pop-up ads, and redirects to non-legal websites. We recommend you only download and save Creative Commons license Category video Content to be safe from Legality. sometimes, The “FREE” Word could be a Scam.

What is SaveFrom.Net Website?

Savefrom net Alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteSavefrom Net is a third-party video content download service that offers to single click button to download various types of video formats and quality. it is partially legal as per copyright laws of the USA, a Few Countries, And India. moreover, it is unsafe to use cause of its Third-Party Popup ads, and Irritating ads while browsing the website.
Active UsersAround 61 Million Users Each Month as per a report on
Site Features– You can download and save from net Instagram reels
– SaveFrom Helper another cool browser extension
AdvertisementPlenty of irritating Advertisements While Browsing websites,
fishing links ads, Pop-Up Ads, malware ads, cyber hacking ads, and Automatic, Unknown apk ads
Category (sort)Free Video Downloading Platform
Get It For Androidsave from net apk Not available on Google Play, it is banned on google play
Content RatingUniversal But 18+ Ads
Available onWebsite Verison And Apks
Cost (Pricing)No Subscription Plans
SafePartially Safe

Through this article, we are going to share a list of popular Alternative for the free and the lowest price possible.

Table of Content of Save From Net Youtube Alternative

  1. 4k Video Downloader – Alternative
  2. Freemake Video Downloader – Savefrom net Alternative Website
  3. KeepVid -Save from net Alternative
  4. SSYouTube – Savefrom net Website Alternative
  5. PasteDownload – Free Save from net Alternative
  6. Snaptube
  7. Y2Mate
  8. WinX YouTube Downloader
  9. Video Grabber
  10. SuperParse

Table of Content For Save From Net Alternatives

4k Video Downloader – One of The Best Savefrom.Net Alternative

savefrom net alternative websites
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Website4kdownload provides several types of cool and free products. for downloading videos from YouTube And Other Websites, you can go with 4K Video Downloader Software. 4K Video Downloader offers plenty of free services such as Downloading videos in 8K, 4K, Full HD And various qualities, Enabling you to download upto 50 languages subtitles in one click, Smart Mode Features, And access to Download 3D And 360 videos. It could be one of the best Alternatives as per its features.
Active UsersThis 4k Video Downloader Website has more than 1.5 Million Users Each Month
Site Features-Download YouTube playlist and channels
– You can save video content in HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K resolution. furthermore, you can access your Content on your HD TV, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and other devices.
Category (sort)Video Downloading Software
Get It For Android4k Video Downloader Apk not Available for Android OS
Content RatingAbove 12 Year
Available onit is available on Windows OS, macOS, And Ubuntu.
Cost (Pricing)It has three subscription pricing plans The Free Starter, Lite at $10, Personal at a price of $15, And The Top-end Pro Which price is $45.

Freemake Video Downloader alternative reddit
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteFreemake is available on both popular Operating systems Like Windows, And MacOS. you can download your video content from upto 10,000 websites. it mainly focuses on providing facilities free of cost. it enables a few dynamic features such as HD, MP4, AVI, 3GP, and FLV Video Formats, more than 15 Video Qualities options, and Limit Download Speeds like 8MBps, 4MBps, 2MBps, 1MBps, and 700 KBps.
Active UsersApprox 8.1 Million Monthly as per the site report of
Site Features– Use Proxy & Parental Control.
– access to downloads videos from sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, LiveLeak, Veoh, local and adult sites
AdvertisementCrippleware Software
Category (sort)Download Manager
Get It For AndroidFreemake video downloader for android is not available
Content RatingUniversal
Available onSoftware on Mac, And Windows
Cost (Pricing)Free Crippleware download manager

KeepVid – Savefrom net Alternative

savefrom net alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteFor downloading videos, converting videos online in different formats, or downloading only in Audio versions like MP4A, OPUS, Mp3, and you can download subtitles and a few options to download videos fastly. Keepvid could be one of the best en save from net alternatives that you can choose without hassle. it supports a few sites like Facebook, YouTube, And VKontakte.
Active UsersApprox 113k/monthly users
Site Features– it allows downloading video files from more than 1000 sites
– you can check web-based lite-weight app
Category (sort)Online And video downloading software
Get It For AndroidGoogle Play Store Not Available
Content RatingEveryone
Available onthe web-based lite-weight app, Windows, And Android
Cost (Pricing)Free
Safenot totally safe

SSYouTube – Savefrom net Alternative Websites

Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteSSYouTube is one of the best SaveFrom.Net Alternative websites as per its services almost like Save From Website. you can access almost all devices from PC To Mobile phones. it works on all platforms IOS, Windows, Android, And Even Linux. it allows downloading any video from youtube. all you need to add the SS word before moreover, it allows you to download videos from TikTok, Instagram, Fb, and YT in MP4 video file format.
Active Users19 MILLION ACTIVE User Each Month as per the report by Semrush
Site Features– Different Video Quality And Formats (MP3 Including)
– No Sign-Up Required And Free To use
AdvertisementThird-Party Ads
Category (sort)Online-Based Video Downloading Platform
Get It For AndroidNo Data From Google Play Store
Content RatingEveryone (As per Your Need)
Available onIt works on all OS from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and all Chromium-based browsers
Cost (Pricing)Free But Free word could be a SCAM
SafeNot Safe

PasteDownload – Best Save from net Alternative

Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Websiteif you are finding a free Online Video Downloader, which offers you completely free services to download CCL Videos from YouTube and other sites. PasteDownload could be a great alternative to YouTube savefrom.NET Alternative to using, however, you may a lot of unsafe advertisements while using this partially illegal website.
Active UsersUpto 2.3 million each month users on this site
Site Features– Accept up to 500+ videos.
– No need to download software of any kind
Advertisement– Hard Ads While Browsing Site,
– unsafe, full of popups, malware, and viruses
Category (sort)Online-Based Video Downloading Tool
Get It For AndroidNo Apk Available
Content Rating18+ Ads while using
Available onWebsite
Cost (Pricing)Free but harmful ads
SafeNot Safe To Use as per its few suspicious things

Snaptube Apk – Savefrom net Alternative

Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteIt is mainly popular for fast download and its downloading supports 144p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2k HD, 4K HD, and audio formats in MP3 or M4A. it only works on android smartphones. for android users, it is one of the best alternatives to SaveFrom.Net.
Active UsersAround 17 million Per month of traffic on this site
Site Features50+ sites Support
AdvertisementPlenty of Ads While Browsing Application
Category (sort)Android Apk For Video Downloading and Watching
Get It For AndroidNot officially available on the Play Store Website
Content Rating18+ Adult Websites Direct Access to App without any control
Available onAndroid Apk
Cost (Pricing)Free But Oh Boy Oh Boy Unsafe Ads
SafeNot Safe To Install to your phone by allowing unknown sources option

Y2Mate – save from net youtube

savefrom net alternative 2022
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteAs per its name, it only focuses on YouTube Videos To Download in Different Video Quality and formats. it supports MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM and many other formats. if you want only a downloader for YouTube, Y2Mate could be one of the best Alternative. however, we already told you downloading youtube videos is not legal as per copyright laws and sharing. therefore, Use Y2mate only for creative commons license type videos content.
Active UsersAs per a report on, it has around 46 million Active Users Per Month
AdvertisementA larger number of Popup Ads While Browsing the official website,
18+ ads, malware ads, cyber hacking ads, and Automatic harmful apk download ads
Category (sort)YouTube Video Downloader
Get It For AndroidOnly For WEB
Content RatingAdults and Above 18 Year
Available onWebsite
Cost (Pricing)No paid service
SafeNot Safe To Use *Moderate

WinX YouTube Downloader – En Save From Net

savefrom net alternative iphone
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteWinX YouTube Downloader for Windows is a software tool that allows downloading videos from over 300 various sites. it is a completely third-party application that provides plenty of facilities like different file formats, such as FLV, MP3, MP4, and WebM. you can download multiple formats, and video quality at the same time. All of these facilities, YOU can access free of cost. It may be one of the best Alternative Software for you.
DownloadsApprox 1 Lakh Downloads
Site Features– More qualities like Support 8K/4K/1080P
– support up to 300 various websites including YouTube
AdvertisementHard Ads While Browsing Site,
fishing links ads, malware ads, cyber hacking ads, and Automatic harmful apk download ads
Category (sort)Video Downloading tool
Get It For AndroidNot Available
Content RatingEveryone above 10 years
Available onSoftware And Tool
Cost (Pricing)Lifetime Free Tool
SafeSafe to Use (Partially Safe)

Video Grabber – Save from net Alternative Websites mp3

Savefrom net Alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteVideo Grabber is an online-based video downloading platform. it is quite like Savefrom, it offers to download video content in different resolution formats such as MP4,3GP and MP3. moreover, you can put the Video URL from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, And Other Sites and start downloading the videos directly without hassle. Therefore, it could be one of the best Alternatives. (save from net facebook alternative)
Active UsersApprox 1 Lakh User each Month.
Site Features– Support all from MP4, FLV, 3GP, WMV, WEBM, MP3
– you can Convert Video/Audio between Any Formats
AdvertisementNo, But Paid Software is available
Category (sort)Video Grabbing Software
Get It For Androidvideograbber Apk is Not Available on Google Play
Content RatingUniversal
Available onWebsite, Software
Cost (Pricing)Pro Software

SuperParse – Best Savefrom net Alternative

Savefrom net Alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Websitesuperparse allows downloading photos and videos from multiple popular websites, for instance, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, Ted, Imgur, IMDb, Xvideos, And PornHub. it offers services to download and save videos, GIFs, and photos Direct to your PC, Mobile And Laptop. it is a fully online-based service.
Site Features– You do not need to sign up and log in.
– Different Formats from GIF, Video, And GIF.
AdvertisementGoogle Ads And More
Category (sort)Online Based Video Saving Platform
Get It For Androidsuperparse apk not available
Content RatingUniversal
Available onWebsite
Cost (Pricing)Free
SafeModerate (Only Download Creative Common License Videos)

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You may find your favorite YouTube Video Downloader From the list of Savefrom net Alternative websites. do share with your friends by using below social media icons. if you have any other legal and safe Alternative. we love to put you on this list.

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