I have a question regarding the transfer of my Provident Fund (PF) from one company to another, and I was wondering if any of you have experience or knowledge in this matter.

I recently changed my job and joined a new company. My previous employer had a PF account for me, and my current employer also provides PF benefits. I want to ensure a seamless transfer of my PF balance from my previous company to the current one.

I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could share your insights on the following points:

What is the procedure to initiate the PF transfer from one company to another?
Are there any documents or forms that need to be filled out during the transfer process?
How much time does the transfer usually take to complete?
Are there any potential challenges or hurdles I should be aware of during the transfer process?
Any personal experiences, step-by-step guides, or official resources related to PF transfers would be extremely helpful. I want to make sure I understand the process thoroughly and ensure a smooth transition of my PF balance.

nanneparmarr Changed status to publish August 3, 2023