Top 7 PDFSam Alternatives For Editors

PDFSam is a free and open-source software tool that helps you manage your PDFs. It excels at splitting, merging, and rearranging pages within those PDFs. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Free vs. Paid Versions

  • PDFSam Basic (Free): Offers core functionalities like splitting, merging, rotating, and extracting pages.
  • PDFSam Enhanced (Paid): Starts at $69 per user/year and unlocks features like splitting by size or bookmarks.
  • PDFSam Visual (Paid): Priced at ₹3,599 (price may vary), offers a visual interface for easier PDF manipulation.

Key Features of PDFSam

  • Split PDFs: Divide a PDF into individual pages or specific page ranges.
  • Merge PDFs: Combine multiple PDFs into a single document.
  • Rotate Pages: Change the orientation of pages within a PDF.
  • Extract Pages: Save specific pages from a PDF as separate files.
  • Mix PDFs: Merge pages from different PDFs into a new document.
  • Advanced Splitting: Split PDFs by file size or based on bookmarks.

PDFSam: User-Friendly and Free

  • The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing users to manage PDFs without needing complex software or technical knowledge.
  • Being open-source, it’s completely free to download and use.

Top 7 Alternatives to PDFSam for Editing

Here’s a list of some popular PDF editing tools that offer functionalities similar to PDFSam, with some catering more towards editing features:

  1. SmallPDF
  2. Sejda PDF
  3. Foxit PDF Editor
  4. Adobe Acrobat DC
  5. PDF Shaper
  6. Nitro Pro
  7. PDF-XChange Editor


Smallpdf is a free online tool that lets you edit and manage your PDFs. With over 21 different features, it can handle many PDF tasks, including editing text and images, organizing pages, adding comments, and even controlling security.

Why Consider Smallpdf?

  • Free to Use: Smallpdf offers a free plan with access to 21 tools.
  • Easy to Use: No software download is required, you can use it right from your web browser.
  • Multiple Features: Edit text and images, manage pages, add annotations, and control security options for your PDFs.

Thinking About Upgrading to a paid version?

Smallpdf also offers a Pro version with additional features, like stronger compression, converting scanned PDFs to Word documents, and adding digital seals to protect your signatures. The Pro version starts at ₹733.25 per month.

Available on Many Devices

Use Smallpdf on your computer (Windows) or mobile device (iOS and Android).


PDFSam Alternatives

Looking for a PDF editing tool like PDFSam? Sejda PDF is a free online option that lets you create, edit, and manage your PDFs. It offers features similar to PDFSam, including editing text and images, organizing pages, and adding annotations.

Why Choose Sejda PDF as a PDFSam Alternative?

  • Free to Use: Sejda PDF has a free plan with basic editing features.
  • Convenient and Online: No software download is needed, use it right from your web browser.
  • Edit Like a Pro: Edit text, images, and pages, and add comments to your PDFs.

Upgrade for More Features

Sejda PDF offers a paid “Web Week Pass” for $5 that unlocks all their online features for 7 days. They also have a Desktop+Web Annual plan for $63 per year which gives you ongoing access to both the online and desktop versions, saving you money over monthly payments.

Use it Almost Anywhere

Sejda PDF works on your computer’s web browser, or you can download the desktop app. It even integrates with G Suite for added convenience.


Foxit PDF Editor is a software program similar to PDFSam that lets you create, edit, and modify PDF files. It offers many advanced features, including editing text and images, adding or removing pages, and annotating documents. Foxit PDF Editor is available for Windows and Mac computers and comes in both free and paid versions.

Why Consider Foxit PDF Editor as Similar to PDFSam?

  • More Features: Foxit PDF Editor offers editing features beyond splitting and merging PDFs, like editing text and images.
  • Free Trial: Try the software before you buy to see if it meets your needs.
  • Windows and Mac Compatible: Works on most computers.

Thinking About Upgrading?

Foxit PDF Editor has a free trial, but for ongoing use, you’ll need to purchase a subscription. Plans start at ₹5,706.95 per year.


PDFSam Alternatives

iLovePDF is a free, web-based PDF editor that lets you manage your PDFs without downloading any software. It’s a great alternative to PDFSam, especially if you need basic editing features. With iLovePDF, you can:

  • Merge, Split, and Compress: Combine PDFs, split them into separate files, and reduce their file size.
  • Convert, Rotate, Unlock, and Watermark: Change PDFs to other formats, rotate pages, remove passwords, and add watermarks.

Why Choose iLovePDF?

  • Free and Easy to Use: Use it right from your web browser, no setup is needed.
  • Great for Basic Editing: Perfect for everyday PDF tasks like merging, splitting, and compressing.

Upgrade for More Features

iLovePDF offers a free plan with basic features. For advanced features like adding comments or editing text in PDFs, you can upgrade to a premium plan starting at ₹200 per month.

PDF Shaper

PDFSam Alternatives

Need a PDF editor like PDFSam? Look at PDF Shaper! This free program lets you create, edit, and manage your PDFs. It offers many features similar to PDFSam, including splitting and merging pages. PDF Shaper also has other helpful tools for working with PDFs, like compression, conversion, and encryption.

Why Choose PDF Shaper?

  • Free and Powerful: Edit and manage your PDFs for free with core features like splitting and merging.
  • More Than Just Splitting: Compress PDFs, convert them to other formats, and even add encryption for security.

Upgrade for More Features

PDF Shaper is free to use, but it also offers two paid versions with additional features:

  • PDF Shaper Premium ($29.95 per user): Unlock more features for working with PDFs.
  • PDF Shaper Professional ($39.95 per user): Get all the features for professional PDF editing needs.

Available for Windows Users

PDF Shaper works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 computers (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Nitro Pro

Looking for a PDF editor with more features than PDFSam? Nitro Pro might be a great choice for you. It’s a paid program, but it offers a wider range of features than the free PDFSam, including:

  • Editing text and images within PDFs
  • Filling out forms in PDFs
  • Converting PDFs to other document formats

Why Consider Nitro Pro?

  • More Powerful Editing: Edit text, and images, and fill out forms directly in your PDFs.
  • Convert PDFs: Change your PDFs to other file formats, such as Word or Excel.

Keep in Mind

  • Paid Software: Nitro Pro is not free, unlike the basic features of PDFSam.


Nitro Pro starts at $179.99 for 20 licenses.

PDF-XChange Editor

Finding a PDF editor like PDFSam? Consider PDF-XChange Editor! This program is a good alternative, especially for Windows users. It’s a freemium app, meaning it has a free version with basic features and a paid version with more features.

Why Choose PDF-XChange Editor as a PDFSam Alternatives?

  • Free to Use: Edit and manage your PDFs for free with core features like splitting and merging. (similar to PDFSam)
  • Lightweight and Feature-Rich: Even the free version lets you edit text and images, manage pages, and add annotations to your PDFs.

Upgrade for More Features

PDF-XChange Editor offers a free version, but also has paid upgrades with additional features:

  • PDF-XChange Editor ($56.00): Unlock more features for working with PDFs.
  • PDF-XChange Editor Plus ($72.00): Get all the features for professional PDF editing needs.

Designed for Windows Users

PDF-XChange Editor works on Microsoft Windows computers.