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Paytm Postpaid Review – Paytm Postpaid is a convenient and secure way to make payments online. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Paytm Postpaid, including how to set up an account, make payments, and manage your finances.

We’ll also cover the benefits of using Paytm Postpaid, as well as tips for staying safe and secure while using the service. Whether you’re a new user or an experienced one, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of Paytm Postpaid.

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PayTM Postpaid Highlight Points

Highlight KeysDescription
Type of ServiceBuy now, pay later (BNPL) service offered by Paytm
How to UseCustomers can make purchases on the Paytm app and pay for them later, usually within a month
Eligibilityat least 20 years old, have a verified Paytm account, and meet certain creditworthiness criteria
Credit limitUp to Rs. 60,000 determined by Paytm based on creditworthiness and transaction history
How to ActivateCustomers can activate Paytm PostPaid on the Paytm app and select “Pay Later” at checkout
Interest FeesInterest and fees apply on outstanding amounts
Benefitsoffers convenience, flexible repayment options, and better expense management
Risks or Disadvantagesinterest charges, late payment fees, debt accumulation, and potential negative impact on credit score

What is PayTM PostPaid?

Paytm Postpaid is a payment solution offered by Paytm, a leading digital payments platform in India. It is a digital credit line that allows users to make purchases online or in-store without having to pay upfront. Postpaid is a convenient and secure way to shop, as users can pay for their purchases later, in monthly installments.

it offers credit And loan facilities with partner companies such as Aditya Birla Capital And Fullerton India. Which are trusted companies in India.

Paytm Postpaid is a great alternative to traditional credit cards, as it does not require a credit check or a long application process. It is also a great way to manage cash flow and budgeting, as users can pay for their purchases in installments. Furthermore, Paytm Postpaid offers exclusive discounts and rewards on purchases, making it an attractive payment option.

It allows users to get credit limits of up to ₹60,000 instant with a paperless process. it also offers to build your credit score fast.

When you make a purchase, the amount is deducted from your Paytm Postpaid account and you will be required to pay it back in full within the specified period. The repayment period is usually 30 days. you can use UPI, Debit Cards, Net Banking, And more to repay your bill.

How to Activate Paytm Postpaid

Activating Paytm Postpaid is very easy and can be done in just a few steps. First, you need to download the Paytm app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Setting up a PayTM Postpaid Pay Later account is easy and straightforward. All you need is an active PayTM account, a valid Indian mobile number, and an active bank account. Here’s how to get started:

  1. To use Paytm Postpaid, users must first register on the Paytm app.
  2. Once registered, Go to the PayTM Postpaid Page And Tap on the “Activate” Button.
  3. Now, Users can choose to activate Paytm Postpaid by providing their PAN card number, bank details, and other personal information.
  4. PayTM Automatically tracks your profile and offers a credit limit.
  5. A selfie is Required to complete the KYC Verification
  6. You have to complete The Aadhaar Verification with a Registered mobile number via OTP
  7. After the activation process is complete, users can start using Paytm Postpaid to make purchases.

Once you’ve successfully set up your PayTM Postpaid Pay Later account, you’re all set to shop online and pay later. You can use your Postpaid Pay Later account to shop online at any merchant that accepts PayTM.

What Are The Features of Postpaid Offers –

  1. Build Your Credit Score – By Using PostPaid Pay Later, you can shop and purchases and repay on time to easily Improve your credit health from good to excellent.
  2. No documentation – Unlike a Credit Card, you don’t need to provide income proof and a credit card statement to get approval.
  3. No Interest – No Interest for the next 30 days
  4. Easily Increase Credit Line – Just repay on Time To increase your credit limit up to Rs. 60,000.

The Benefits of using Postpaid

Discount And DealsSave money by using Postpaid. it allows several deals to get cashback points, cash, discount, and more. For example, users can get discounts on their purchases, cashback offers, and even discounts of up to 60%.
Quick and easy bill paymentBy Using PostPaid, you can use to pay utility bills, mobile recharges, and other bills, making it a convenient way to manage monthly expenses.
Flexible paymentYou can choose to repay your total bill in full or pay in installments. This makes it easy to manage your finances and budget for your purchases. Furthermore, you can also set up automatic payments for recurring bills, such as your phone bill or electricity bill.
Accepted All Over IndiaPay using the postpaid pay later at 1.5 Cr+ shops all over India who use paytm

What Are The Paytm Postpaid Charges And Fees

The fees and interest rates associated with Postpaid Pay Later depend on the type of purchase and the amount of credit extended. Generally, customers are charged an interest rate of up to 18% per annum, depending on the amount of credit extended. Additionally, customers may also be charged a processing fee, which is usually a percentage of the total purchase amount.

Interest rate (annual)0 percent interest For 30 Days. However, the convenience fee + GST
Activation FeeNil
Convenience feea convenience fee of 0% to 3%
Late payment feeRs. 30 – Rs. 100
Processing feeNo processing fee
Prepayment chargesNo prepayment charges
GST (Goods and Services Tax)18% of applicable charges

In addition to the fees and interest rates associated with Postpaid Pay Later, customers should also be aware of the terms and conditions associated with this service. These terms and conditions include the repayment period, late payment fees, and other charges. It is important for customers to read and understand these terms and conditions before signing up for the service.

How to Increase Paytm Postpaid Limit

The Paytm Postpaid limit is determined by the creditworthiness of the user. The higher your credit score, the higher the limit you can have. This limit is set by Paytm and cannot be changed by the user. However, there are certain steps you can take to increase your limit.

Factors to FollowOverview
Pay Your bills on timePaying your bills on time will help to improve your credit score, which in turn will increase your Postpaid limit.
Increase your credit scorePaytm uses your credit score to determine your eligibility for a higher limit. If your credit score is good, you will be eligible for a higher limit.
Increase your incomePaytm also takes into account your income when determining your limit
Use WiselyUse only 40% – 60% of your Credit limit to increase your limit faster

Paytm Postpaid Eligibility

To be eligible for Postpaid, you must meet certain credit criteria. The criteria are designed to ensure that you are financially responsible and capable of making payments on time.

Eligibility CriteriaDetails
NationalityThe User must be an Indian resident
DocumentationPAN Number And Aadhar Card
Minimum Age20 years or above
KYC StatusCompleted KYC on Paytm (with a valid government ID)
Credit ScoreA credit check will be done by Paytm
Paytm Account HistoryRegular usage of Paytm services
Transaction HistoryConsistent and timely payments on Paytm

How to Close or Deactivate Paytm Postpaid

When you decide to close your Paytm Postpaid account, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to make sure that you have paid off any outstanding balances on your account. This includes any pending payments, late fees, or other charges. Once all outstanding balances have been paid, you can proceed to the next step.

The next step is to contact Paytm Postpaid customer service. You can do this either by phone or online. When you contact customer service, they will ask you to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, and date of birth. They will also ask you to provide the reason for closing your account.

Once you have provided the necessary information, Paytm Postpaid will process your request to close your account. This process usually takes a few days. Once the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from Postpaid. This email will include instructions on how to complete the process.

Once your account has been closed, you will no longer be able to make payments through Paytm Postpaid.

Postpaid Pay later Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the Paytm Postpaid Customer Care Number?

If you are a Postpaid customer and need assistance with your account, the best way to contact Paytm Postpaid customer care is by calling their dedicated customer care number. This number is 0120-4456-456 That available 24/7 and is toll-free, so you can call it from any part of India without incurring any extra charges.

How to Use Paytm Postpaid?

Postpaid to make a purchase, add items to your cart, and select ‘Paytm Postpaid’ as the payment option at checkout. Confirm the purchase and the amount will be deducted from your Postpaid credit limit. You can use up to 1.5cr stores in India and popular sites in India.


In Conclusion, Paytm Postpaid is an innovative payment solution that allows users to shop now and pay later. It is an ideal option for those who want to make purchases without having to worry about the upfront cost. Postpaid offers a number of benefits, such as no interest, no credit checks, and no hidden fees, making it a convenient and secure way to shop. With Postpaid, users can unlock the benefits of pay-later shopping and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Credit CardsAnnual ChargesShort Description
HDFC IndianOil Credit Card ReviewRs. 499Up to 1 Fuel reward point for every Rs. 150 spent on non-fuel retail purchases.
HDFC Regalia Credit Card ReviewRs. 2,500You can earn 4 Reward Points for every spend of ₹150. However, it’s only applicable to retail shopping
HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card ReviewRs. 500CashBack or reward points on all transactions
HDFC Millennia Credit Card ReviewRs. 1,0005% Real Cashback on Shopping from Popular Online Stores. For instance, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Tata CLiQ, Uber, Zomato, Sony LIV, Swiggy, BookMyShow, And Cult.
HDFC Credit Card Track#The HDFC Credit Card Application Status Tracker is a convenient way to stay informed about the status of your application.

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