Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Review – Benefits, Charges

Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Review – Benefits, Charges
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Introduction: In a world where online shopping is the new retail therapy, the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card emerges as the shopaholic’s dream come true. For Indian consumers who love the thrill of clicking “Add to Cart” and relish doorstep deliveries, this card is your ultimate sidekick. It’s not just a card; it’s your VIP pass to a world of exclusive deals and endless rewards.

Are you ready to transform your shopping experiences into a rewarding extravaganza? Let’s explore the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card and how it can redefine your online shopping adventures.

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Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Overview

Before delving into the finer details, let’s begin with an overview of the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card, highlighting some key features and charges. This quick reference table will provide a snapshot of what this card has to offer:

Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card
Features and BenefitsDescription
Mojo PointsEarn unlimited Mojo points on online and other spends for rewarding shopping experiences.
Milestone GiftGet 2500 Mojo points every quarter by spending Rs. 75,000, valid for the first year after issuance.
Complimentary Airport Lounge AccessEnjoy up to 8 annual visits to DreamFolks Airport Lounges in India for a touch of luxury in your travel.
Fees WaiversJoining fees waiver upon spending Rs. 30,000 in the first 90 days and annual fees waived with Rs. 1 lakh annual retail spends.
Fuel and Railway Surcharge WaiversSave on fuel and railway surcharges for added convenience.
Contactless PaymentsEasily make transactions up to Rs. 5,000 without a PIN using Visa payWave technology.
Add-on CardSet spend limits, track spends separately, and apply for an add-on card for added control and convenience.
Safety FeaturesEnhanced security with an embedded EMV chip and 6-digit PIN authentication for secure transactions.
Milestone ProgramEarn extra reward points on meeting quarterly spending criteria for the first year.
Rewards RedemptionRedeem Mojo points for mobile recharge, shopping, e-vouchers, movies, travel, and more with Kotak Rewards.
EligibilityPrimary cardholder age 21-65, add-on cardholder 18+, minimum annual income of Rs. 4 lakh, resident of India.

What is the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card?

The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card, issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank, is a financial product that offers a range of benefits designed to enhance your lifestyle. It combines the convenience of a credit card with a rewards program that lets you earn Mojo points for your everyday purchases. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, making each spending opportunity more gratifying.

Benefits and Features

Mojo Points: The Essence of Rewards

One of the standout features of the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card is the Mojo points program. With this card, you can earn Mojo points on every transaction, making your spending not just convenient but also rewarding.

  • Online Spends: For every Rs. 100 spent on online purchases, you earn an unlimited 2.5 Mojo points. This feature encourages you to explore the world of e-commerce, where you can shop for a wide range of products and services.
  • Other Spends: For all other transactions, excluding fuel and cash withdrawals, you earn an unlimited 1 Mojo point for every Rs. 100 spent. This means you can accumulate points on a variety of purchases, allowing you to redeem them for exciting rewards.

Milestone Gift: Extra Rewards

The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card goes a step further in enhancing your experience. On spending Rs. 75,000 every quarter, you receive an additional 2500 Mojo points. This is an excellent incentive for those who enjoy frequent shopping and want to maximize their rewards. It’s important to note that this milestone gift is valid for the first year of the card’s issuance.

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Annual Travel Benefits

If you’re a traveler or someone who frequently visits airports, this credit card offers some fantastic perks:

  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: Enjoy up to 8 annual complimentary visits to DreamFolks Airport Lounges within India. This is an excellent way to start or end your journeys with relaxation and comfort.

Please be aware that the number of visits is limited to 2 per quarter. The availability of airport lounge access can significantly enhance your travel experiences, making it more enjoyable and stress-free.

Fee Waivers: Saving on Expenses

The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card understands the importance of saving on costs. It offers various waivers that can help you manage your finances more efficiently:

  • Joining Fees Waiver: By spending Rs. 30,000 within the first 90 days after card issuance, you can have the joining fees of Rs. 1,000 waived. This is an attractive offer for new cardholders who actively use their cards.
  • Annual Fees Waiver (First Year): You can have the annual fees waived in the first year by achieving annual retail spending of Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Annual Fee Waiver (Second Year): Similar to the first year, you can continue to enjoy the annual fee waiver by maintaining annual retail spending of Rs. 1,00,000.

Fuel and Railway Surcharge Waivers

Managing fuel expenses can be a significant part of your monthly budget. The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card offers relief in this area:

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  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: A 1% fuel surcharge waiver is applicable on transactions ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000. You can avail a maximum fuel surcharge waiver of Rs. 3,500 in each anniversary year. Please note that fuel transactions do not earn Mojo points.
  • Railway Surcharge Waiver: If you book railway tickets on www.irctc.co.in or at Indian Railways Booking Counters, the card provides a significant benefit. You can save on railway surcharges, with a maximum waiver of Rs. 500 per anniversary year.

Priority Attend: Your Convenience Matters

Kotak Mahindra Bank values your time. Instead of you trying to reach them, they will reach out to you. By simply sending an SMS with “KASSIST” to 5676788, you can expect a callback within two hours. This feature simplifies the process of resolving any issues or inquiries you might have, putting your convenience first.

Add-on Card: More Control, More Convenience

With the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card, you can have more control over your spending:

  • Set Spend Limits: You have the flexibility to set the spending limit on your add-on card(s) as you desire. This feature can be particularly useful if you’re sharing the card with family members or dependents.
  • Track Spends Separately: The card allows you to track spending separately for each of your add-on cards. This helps in better financial management and monitoring.
  • Low Add-on Card Fee: Applying for an add-on card is easy and affordable, with a small fee of just Rs. 299.

Safety Features

Security is a top priority with the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card:

  • Embedded EMV Chip: The card comes with an embedded EMV chip, providing an additional layer of security for your transactions.
  • 6-Digit PIN Authentication: For higher transaction security, a 6-digit PIN authentication is required.

Milestone Program: Earning Extra Rewards

In addition to the Mojo points you earn on every transaction, you can also be eligible for extra 2500 reward points on meeting specific spending criteria. This program is a quarterly milestone applicable for the first year from the card’s issuance date.

Here’s how the Milestone Program works:

  • Milestone: Spending Rs. 75,000
  • Reward Points: 2500
  • Period: Quarterly (for the first year only)

Customers who transact Rs. 75,000 or more during every quarter will receive reward points within 45 days from the quarter ending. It’s essential to note that for milestone benefit, transactions settled during the milestone period are considered. This program provides an additional incentive to actively use your card and maximize the benefits.

How to Use Rewards Redemption

The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card offers multiple options for redeeming your hard-earned Mojo points:

  • Kotak Rewards: This program simplifies the redemption of points across various categories, including mobile recharge, shopping for over 10,000 products, e-vouchers from various brands, movie tickets (BookMyShow vouchers), travel, and more. It’s a flexible and convenient way to use your points for a wide range of products and services.
  • Pay with Reward Points: With this feature, you can make payments without using cash or your card. It’s a handy way to utilize your points for day-to-day expenses and bills.
  • Mojo Points Redemption: You can also redeem each Mojo point at a value of Re. 0.40p against your outstanding statement. To do this, simply call the customer contact center and request a service. A minimum of 2500 Mojo points is required for redemption through the customer contact center. For other channels/modes of redemption, 1 Mojo point equals Rs. 0.25.

Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Eligibility

To become a Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Cardholder, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria. Here are the key requirements:

  • Primary Credit Card Holder’s Age: Between 21 to 65 years
  • Add-on Card Holder’s Age: 18 years and above
  • Location: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurgaon and Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.
  • Income: The primary cardholder should have an annual income of Rs. 4 lakh or above.
  • Residency: You should be a resident of India.

These eligibility criteria ensure that the card is available to individuals who meet certain income and location requirements.

Charges And Fee on Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card

While the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card offers a range of benefits and rewards, it’s essential to be aware of the associated charges:

Charge DescriptionAmount/Rate
Joining FeesRs. 1,000
Annual Fees (First Year)Rs. 1,000
Add-on Card FeesRs. 299
Interest Charges on Balances3.5% (Annualized 42%)
Minimum Amount Due (MAD)5% or 10% of Total Amount Due
ATM Cash Withdrawal2.5% (min. Rs. 500)
Late Payment ChargesVaries based on outstanding balance
Over Limit ChargeRs. 500
Cheque Bounce Charges2.0% (min. Rs. 500)
Foreign Currency Mark Up3.5%
Railway Booking SurchargeWaived
Fuel Surcharge (1% on transactions)Waived
Cash Payment at BankRs. 100

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The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card is more than just a financial tool; it’s a gateway to a world of convenience, rewards, and benefits. With the ability to earn Mojo points on every transaction, complimentary airport lounge access, and a variety of fee waivers, this card is tailored to enhance your lifestyle. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a shopaholic, or someone who values security, this card has features designed to cater to your needs.

Your FAQs

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the Kotak Mojo Card?

To be eligible for this card, the primary credit cardholder should be between the ages of 21 to 65. Add-on cardholders should be 18 years or older. Additionally, the primary cardholder should have a minimum annual income of Rs. 4 lakh, and you should be a resident of India. Please note that location eligibility is limited to specific cities in India.

Can I use the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card for contactless payments, and how does it work?

Yes, the card supports contactless payments with Visa payWave technology. You can make transactions of up to Rs. 5,000 without entering a PIN. Simply wave your card on the reader for quick and secure payments.

How does the Milestone Gift feature work, and what benefits does it offer?

The Milestone Gift program offers an additional 2500 Mojo points every quarter when you spend Rs. 75,000. This benefit is valid for the first year (since card issuance) and provides you with extra rewards for your spending.

What are Mojo points, and how can I earn them with the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card?

Mojo points are reward points that you can earn with your Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card. You earn 2.5 Mojo points for every Rs. 100 spent on online purchases and 1 Mojo point for every Rs. 100 spent on all other transactions (except fuel and cash withdrawals).

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