What is the full form of AU Bank?

AU Small Finance Bank Full Form in English, Hindi, and more

AU Small Finance Bank, or AU Bank for short, doesn’t have a full form like some other banks. Instead, AU comes from “Aurum,” which is Latin for gold. This reflects the bank’s focus on stability and security, like gold is valuable and long-lasting.

The letters AU also stand for gold on the science chart, showing that the bank is accurate and dependable. So, even though AU Bank isn’t an abbreviation, its name has a special meaning. It combines ideas from history and science to show that AU Bank is secure like gold and works efficiently. 1All You Need to Know Website: AU Small Finance Bank Category: Citation

Gold is seen as lucky in many parts of India, symbolizing success and wealth.

What is AU Small Finance Bank?

AU Small Finance Bank is a well-known bank in India. They focuses on serving low and middle income individuals and micro and small businesses. They were originally a vehicle finance company founded in 1996 and became a small finance bank in 2017. AU Small Finance Bank offers a variety of products including savings accounts, loans, fixed deposits, and debit cards. They have a large network of branches across India and also offer digital banking services through their mobile app and website.


It started in 1996 as AU Financiers, a company giving loans for cars and small businesses. In 2017, they got a special license to become a full bank. This allowed them to offer more services, like a regular bank. AU Bank helps people who might not have been able to use a bank before. They have branches in many places and focus on helping their customers. This bank plays an important role in helping the Indian economy grow.

AU Small Finance Bank Products

AU Bank aims to help people and businesses by offering easy-to-understand, clear, and new financial options. They offer many banking services including:

  • Savings accounts: These accounts come in different types to fit your needs, with good interest rates, personal service, and convenient ways to bank.
  • Fixed deposits: AU Bank offers these for different lengths of time with competitive interest rates. You can pick a plan based on what you want to invest and your goals.
  • Loans: AU Bank offers many kinds of loans, including personal loans, business loans, car loans, and home loans. They focus on helping people and businesses who might not be able to get loans from other banks.
  • Making payments: AU Bank offers many ways to pay bills and transfer money, like internet banking, mobile banking, and prepaid cards.
  • Insurance and investments: AU Bank also sells insurance and investments to help you protect your finances and plan for the future.

Leadership and Vision

The CEO And Founder of AU Bank is Sanjay Agarwal. He started the bank and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He believes in putting customers first and taking calculated risks when giving loans. This has helped AU Bank to be different from other banks.

Operational Expansion and Recognition

  1. AU Bank started small but has grown a lot! They now serve many states (15) and areas (2) in India.
  2. People trust them because they offer secure loans.
  3. An important company (CRISIL) gave them an AA-/stable good score, showing they are financially stable.
  4. The bank is in a big stock market (NSE and BSE).
  5. AU Small Finance Bank has achieved a market capitalization of Rs. 37,942 crores.

Impact and Future

  1. Joining a special RBI list in 2017 helped AU Bank grow even faster. This meant they could offer loans at lower rates and help more customers.
  2. AU Bank is expected to keep growing and offering new services in the future. They have a strong base, focus on customers, and are leaders in small bank loans.

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