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Introduction to ICICI Bank Swift Code – In the globalized financial landscape, swift and efficient cross-border transactions are imperative. ICICI Bank, one of India’s leading banks, facilitates international fund transfers through its standardized SWIFT codes. This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of ICICI Bank’s SWIFT codes, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience for users engaged in international remittances.

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What are SWIFT Codes?

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system assigns unique identification codes to financial institutions globally. ICICI Bank’s SWIFT-code, ICICINBBXXX, serves as the key identifier for the bank, allowing for the secure and efficient transfer of funds across borders.

SWIFT Code List of ICICI Bank Branch wise:

ICICI Bank provides various SWIFT codes catering to specific branches and services. Below is a detailed table outlining some of the key SWIFT codes and their corresponding branches:

No.Branch NameCitySWIFT Code
1Ahmedabad BranchAhmedabadICICINBB024
2Regional Trade Services Unit – BangaloreBangaloreICICINBBRT3
5Chandigarh BranchChandigarhICICINBB013
6Nungambakkam BranchChennai (Madras)ICICINBB009
7Regional Trade Services Unit – ChennaiChennai (Madras)ICICINBBRT4
8Vostro Cell – ChennaiChennai (Madras)ICICINBBVC2
9Coimbatore BranchCoimbatoreICICINBB016
10Hyderabad BranchHyderabadICICINBB008
11Regional Trade Services Unit – HyderabadHyderabadICICINBBRT5
12Jaipur BranchJaipurICICINBB012
13Kochi BranchKochiICICINBB010
14Kolkata (Calcutta)KolkataICICINBB006
15Ludhiana BranchLudhianaICICINBB017
16Andheri BranchMumbaiICICINBB011
17Centralized Payment HubMumbaiICICINBBGRP
19Cross Border Payment Processing CentreMumbaiICICINBBNRI
20Global Trade Services Unit – MumbaiMumbaiICICINBBCTS
21Overseas Branch UnitMumbaiICICINBBOBU
22Regional Trade Services Unit – MumbaiMumbaiICICINBBRT1
23Sangli BranchMumbaiICICINBBSAN
25Vostro Cell – MumbaiMumbaiICICINBBVC1
28Delhi BranchNew DelhiICICINBB007
29Regional Trade Services Unit – New DelhiNew DelhiICICINBBRT2
31Vadodara (Baroda)VadodaraICICINBB003
32Visakhapatnam BranchVisakhapatnamICICINBB060

Using ICICI Bank SWIFT Codes

  1. International Wire Transfers: The primary function of ICICI Bank’s SWIFT codes is to facilitate international wire transfers. Users initiating cross-border transactions can do so confidently by providing the specific SWIFT code corresponding to their branch.
  2. Retail Remittances: For retail remittances, ICICI Bank has a dedicated SWIFT code – ICICINBBNRI.
  3. Diversity of Services: ICICI Bank’s SWIFT codes are diverse, covering a range of services such as Regional Trade Services, Vostro Cell, Centralized Payment Hub, CMS Hub, Cross Border Payment Processing Centre, Global Trade Services Unit, Overseas Branch Unit, Treasury, and more.

How to Find Your ICICI Bank SWIFT Code:

  1. Online Banking: Log into your ICICI Bank online banking platform to access your SWIFT code. This information is often available in the account details or international transfer sections.
  2. Bank Statement: Refer to a recent bank statement to locate your SWIFT code. It is commonly found in the transaction details for international transfers.
  3. Official Website Tools: Utilize online tools available on the official ICICI Bank website to look up or verify the SWIFT code you need. These tools are user-friendly and ensure accuracy in obtaining the correct code.

Importance of Correct SWIFT Code:

Using the correct SWIFT code is crucial when initiating international transfers. Incorrect codes may lead to delays or even the rejection of the transaction. It’s recommended to double-check with the recipient or directly with the bank to ensure the accuracy of the SWIFT code.

SWIFT BIC Code for ICICI Bank:

The SWIFT BIC code for ICICI Bank is the same as the SWIFT code, both being represented by the unique identifier ICICINBBXXX. This eleven-digit code includes the institution code (‘ICIC’), the country code (‘IN’ for India), and a specific branch code. Users can find this information on their chequebooks or by contacting the local bank branch.


In conclusion, ICICI Bank’s SWIFT codes play a pivotal role in enabling seamless and secure international transactions. The bank’s commitment to providing a diverse range of SWIFT codes for various services and branches underscores its dedication to customer convenience. Users are encouraged to utilize the provided table for easy reference and follow the outlined steps to ensure accurate SWIFT code usage, promoting a hassle-free international banking experience with ICICI Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of a SWIFT Code in ICICI Bank transactions?

A SWIFT code denoted as ICICINBBXXX for ICICI Bank serves as a distinctive identifier for international financial transactions. Its importance lies in facilitating the seamless and secure transfer of funds across borders. To ensure transaction accuracy and efficiency, it is imperative to use the correct SWIFT code.

Can a single SWIFT Code be used for all ICICI Bank branches?

No, each ICICI Bank branch possesses a unique SWIFT code. It is essential to use the specific code corresponding to the involved branch to prevent potential transaction delays or rejections.

Why is using the accurate SWIFT Code crucial for international transactions with ICICI Bank?

Using the precise SWIFT code is paramount to avoid complications in international transactions. Incorrect codes may lead to delays or, worse, rejection of the transaction. Therefore, attention to detail in selecting the appropriate SWIFT code is fundamental for a smooth and error-free banking experience with ICICI.

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