How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card Quickly

How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card

Introduction to How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card – In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, individuals may find themselves wanting to close a credit card for various reasons, ranging from changing financial priorities to seeking a better-suited credit product. If you’re an Axis Bank credit cardholder contemplating closure, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the various options available, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

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How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card
How to Close Axis Bank Credit CardProcess
1. Contact Axis Bank Customer CareCall 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555. Additional numbers: 1800 419 5577 or 1860 500 4971. Provide card details for verification. Follow instructions from the customer care representative.
2. Email CommunicationSend a closure request email to or Include necessary details for identification. Attach required documents as specified.
3. Visit Axis Bank BranchesLocate and visit a nearby Axis Bank branch. Speak with bank representatives to express your desire to close the credit card. Follow the branch’s guidance and complete any necessary forms.

1. Option: How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card via Contacting Axis Bank Customer Care

The most direct route to close your Axis Bank credit card is by reaching out to the bank’s customer care. You can do this by calling the dedicated helpline numbers provided by Axis Bank:

  • Customer Care: 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555
  • Additional Numbers: 1800 419 5577 or 1860 500 4971

Prepare your credit card details and personal information for verification to expedite the process. The customer care representatives will guide you through the necessary steps to initiate the closure.

2. Option: How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card via Email Communication

Axis Bank offers another avenue for credit card closure through email. You can send a request to close your credit card to the following email addresses:

Craft a concise email clearly stating your intention to close the credit card and include the necessary details for identification. Remember to attach any required documents as specified by the bank.

3. Option: Close Your Axis Bank Credit Card by Visiting Axis Bank Branches

For those who prefer a face-to-face approach, visiting an Axis Bank branch is a viable option. Locate the nearest branch and speak with the bank representatives to express your desire to close the credit card. They will guide you through the process and may provide any necessary forms.

Things to Consider Before Closing Your Axis Bank Credit Card

Before initiating the closure process, there are crucial factors to consider:

  • Clearing Outstanding Dues: Ensure that all outstanding balances, pending loans, EMI facilities, and other charges are settled before requesting closure. Failure to do so may hinder the closure process.
  • Redeeming Reward Points: Axis Bank stipulates that any unused reward points must be redeemed within 45 days of requesting the credit card closure. Check your reward points balance and explore redemption options.
  • Transfer of Pending Dues: It’s essential to note that pending dues on the credit card cannot be transferred to another card after the closure request is raised.
  • Impact on Credit Score: Understand that closing a credit card may impact your credit score. Evaluate the consequences and determine if it aligns with your financial goals.

Axis Bank’s Right to Cancel a Credit Card

In some instances, Axis Bank may terminate a credit card at its sole discretion. Reasons for such termination include:

  • Consistent failure to pay amounts due within the specified timeframe.
  • Non-compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in the credit card agreement.
  • Bounced cheques, ECS, or online payments using other bank accounts.
  • Any misrepresentation made by the cardholder that proves to be incorrect or incomplete.

If Axis Bank initiates the cancellation, the cardholder must clear the outstanding amount immediately. No pro-rata refund of annual fees or other charges will be provided.

How to Reactivate a Closed Axis Bank Credit Card

Should you find the need to reactivate a closed Axis Bank credit card, follow these steps:

  1. Request Reactivation: Raise a request for reactivation. Note that this is only possible if you, as the cardholder, initiated the closure.
  2. Contact Customer Care: Call customer care and validate your credit card number, expiry date, date of birth, and registered mobile number.
  3. Email Request: Alternatively, reactivate the credit card by sending an email to the bank authorities. Include identity proof and a passport-size photograph for verification.


Closing a credit card is a significant financial decision, and understanding the process is crucial to avoid any complications. Whether you choose to contact customer care, send an email, or visit a branch, Axis Bank provides multiple options for credit card closure. By considering the guidelines, settling outstanding dues, and redeeming reward points, you can navigate the closure process effectively, ensuring a seamless transition in your financial journey.


How Can I Close My Axis Bank Credit Card?

To close your Axis Bank credit card, you have several options. You can contact Axis Bank customer care by calling 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555. Additional numbers include 1800 419 5577 or 1860 500 4971. Alternatively, you can send a closure request via email to or Another option is to visit an Axis Bank branch and speak with bank representatives to initiate the closure process.

Is There Any Impact on My Credit Score If I Close My Axis Bank Credit Card?

Yes, closing a credit card can impact your credit score. It may reduce the total credit available to you, affecting your credit utilization ratio. Consider the consequences and evaluate whether closing the card aligns with your overall financial goals.

After Closing My Axis Bank Credit Card, When Will the Changes Reflect in My Credit Report?

It may take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for the changes related to closing your credit card to appear in your credit report. If you find discrepancies or delays, consider filing a dispute with the credit bureau or contacting the credit card lender for a timely update.

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