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Introduction to HDFC Bank Swift Code: In the intricate web of global financial transactions, HDFC Bank, a prominent banking institution in India, plays a pivotal role. Swift Codes are crucial in facilitating these transactions, and HDFC Bank’s Swift Code, HDFCINBBXXX, is the key to secure and efficient international fund transfers.

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Understanding Swift Codes:

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) prescribes a standardized format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC), commonly known as Swift Codes. HDFC Bank’s Swift Code is an 8 to 11-character identifier that uniquely represents the institution and its various branches.

Breaking Down HDFC Bank’s Swift Code:

  1. Institution Code (Bank Code): HDFC
  2. Country Code: IN (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for India)
  3. Location Code: BB
  4. Branch Code: XXX (variable and not specified in the Swift Code)

Option 1: Basic Swift Code – HDFCINBBXXX

Institution CodeHDFC
Country CodeIN
Location CodeBB
Branch CodeXXX

The basic Swift Code is suitable for general international fund transfers. However, for more nuanced transactions, additional options come into play.

Option 2: Nostro Account Swift Code

HDFC Bank’s Nostro accounts facilitate foreign currency transactions. If you’re remitting funds to India, you’ll need the Nostro Account HDFC Bank Swift Code specific to the currency you’re using.

CurrencyNostro Account Swift Code

Specify the appropriate Nostro Account Swift Code on your remittance form for seamless transactions.

Option 3: Service-Specific Swift Codes

HDFC Bank employs different HDFC Bank Swift Codes for various banking services. Ensure you use the correct Swift Code based on the nature of your transaction.

ServiceSwift Code
Corporate BankingHDFCINBBCRP
Custody ServicesHDFCINBBCUS
Remittances DepartmentHDFCINBBGMT
Treasury BranchHDFCINBBTRS

Whether you’re opening a new account, making corporate transactions, or utilizing specialized services, these service-specific Swift Codes enhance precision.

Option 4: City Branch-Specific HDFC Bank Swift Code

For pinpoint accuracy, consider branch-specific HDFC Bank Swift Code. Different branches have distinct Swift Codes to ensure funds reach the right destination.

No.Branch NameCitySwift Code
1Ahmedabad BranchAhmedabadHDFCINBBAHM
2Bangalore BranchBangaloreHDFCINBBBNG
3Chennai (Madras) BranchChennaiHDFCINBBCHE
4Hyderabad BranchHyderabadHDFCINBBHYD
5Cochin BranchKochiHDFCINBBCOC
6Kolkata (Calcutta) BranchKolkata (Calcutta)HDFCINBBCAL
7Custody Services, MumbaiMumbaiHDFCINBBCUS
8Remittances Department, MumbaiMumbaiHDFCINBBGMT
9Treasury Branch, MumbaiMumbaiHDFCINBBTRS
10Mumbai (General)MumbaiHDFCINBB
11Delhi BranchNew DelhiHDFCINBBDEL
12Pune BranchPuneHDFCINBBPNE

Select the Swift Code corresponding to the specific branch involved in the transaction.

Option 5: Beneficiary-Specific HDFC Bank Swift Code

If the beneficiary has an account with a particular branch, you may need a Swift Code tailored to that branch.

No.Branch NameSwift Code
1Ahmedabad BranchHDFCINBBAHM
2Bangalore BranchHDFCINBBBNG
3Chennai (Madras) BranchHDFCINBBCHE
4Hyderabad BranchHDFCINBBHYD
6Kolkata (Calcutta) BranchHDFCINBBCAL
7Custody Services, MumbaiHDFCINBBCUS
8Remittances Department, MumbaiHDFCINBBGMT
9Treasury Branch, MumbaiHDFCINBBTRS
10Mumbai (General)HDFCINBB

This option ensures a direct route to the beneficiary’s account, minimizing processing time.

How to Find HDFC Swift Code

Certainly, here’s a simplified table for easy reference:

Online Banking:1. Log in to HDFC NetBanking.
2. Navigate to “International Services” or “Foreign Remittance.”
3. Look for SWIFT code under “Bank Details” or “SWIFT/BIC Code.”
Bank Statement:Check recent bank statement; SWIFT code is often printed on it.
Branch Visit:Visit nearest HDFC branch, inquire at customer service desk.
Phone Call:Call HDFC customer care at 1800 250 0101, request SWIFT code.
Online Resources:Use reliable sources like HDFC’s website, Wise, or the SWIFT website.


In the dynamic landscape of international transactions, having a nuanced understanding of HDFC Bank’s Swift Code opens up a myriad of options. Whether you opt for the basic code, Nostro account-specific codes, service-specific codes, branch-specific codes, or beneficiary-specific codes, each option is tailored to meet specific needs.

FAQs for HDFC Bank Swift Code

How Can I Find the Swift Code for a Specific HDFC Bank Branch?

You can find the Swift Code for a specific HDFC Bank branch by checking your account statements, using online or app banking platforms, or by referring to the official HDFC Bank website. Additionally, you can contact the bank directly for accurate and up-to-date information.

What is the Swift Code for HDFC Bank in India?

The Swift Code for HDFC Bank in India is HDFCINBBXXX. This code is crucial for international wire transfers, identifying the bank and facilitating secure fund transfers.

Different HDFC Bank Services Require Different Swift Codes?

Yes, HDFC Bank employs different Swift Codes for various services, branches, and purposes. Depending on your specific transaction, you may need a Swift Code associated with the relevant service, branch, or account type.

What is the Swift Code Structure, and How Can I Decode It?

The Swift Code structure comprises 8 or 11 characters. For example, in HDFCINBBXXX, “HDFC” represents the institution code, “IN” is the country code for India, “BB” is the location code, and “XXX” can be the optional branch code. Understanding this structure helps in decoding and using Swift Codes effectively.

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