Best Grammarly Alternatives 2022 – Top Options For Free

Grammarly Alternative: Grammarly is most popular among bloggers and writers. it not only checks grammar, it quite offers a lot. it identifies the error and replaces it very quickly by the use of A.I.

Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly App provides something in services to all devices. Here is the list,

For WindowsGrammarly for Windows is software for the Windows operating system. it works on social media, Microsoft word, outlook, mail, and other apps on the Desktop. The AI of Grammarly works quite fast and accurately to make your work smoother.
For ChromeYou can install the Grammarly extension from the Web Store of chrome to enable you to find mistakes and fix them quickly. it works quite fast to analyze and shows the emoji and red errors to notify you.
iPhone and iPadIt is easily accessible on iPhones and iPads. you can install it through Apple App Store. it provides great performance on Real-time suggestions on writing, Smart autocorrect, etc.
AndroidFor Smartphone Users, you can go to the play store and install it. it offers autocorrect, Advanced punctuation correction, Vocabulary enhancement, and much more.

it comes with different price plan options by the need of the consumers. The pricing plans could be better compared to other AI Writing Assistants in the market.

Here is the pricing plan of Grammarly App –

FreeFor decent performance on checking grammar, spelling, And Punctuation, It is the best option.
Premium– it prices around $30 Per Month
– It comes with All benefits of free and additional advanced corrections.
Business– For 12 members of the team, the pricing is around $145 per month.
– it depends on the size of your team
– it provides all in Premium

Most of the individuals are still confused with Grammarly and other AI assistants. Therefore, Through this blog, we talk about a few alternatives of Grammarly to choose a better one.

Here is the list of Best Grammarly Alternative 2022 – Top Options For Free

  1. Ginger – Similar and great Grammarly Alternative
  2. Linguix – Another best Grammarly Alternative
  3. ProWritingAid – Top Grammarly Alternative for choose
  5. Hemingway Editor
  6. WhiteSmoke
  7. PaperRater
  8. Beewriter
  9. Reverso Translation
  10. LanguageTool
  11. Quillbot
  12. Outwrite
  13. Copyscape
  14. Prepostseo

Ginger Writer Software – Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly Alternative

Ginger is the oldest AI-powered writing assistant. it provides the facility of correcting grammatical errors. By the use of A.I, It offers giving suggestions of the words that you typing. It is accessible on chrome and Microsoft windows.

For Chrome, you can install the extension from Web Store. Moreover, for Windows, you can download the software through the ginger software site.

it is supported on almost all tools, websites, and devices. You can download it from the google play store too for the android OS.


  1. it recognizes multiple mistakes at the same time that is good for fast writing.
  2. there is no limit on Rephrasing with premium plans
  3. You can use all the devices and software. even on all websites of the world.
  4. For premium users, it provides the facility to Translate your writing into 40+ languages.


The pricing model of ginger is quite good compared to Grammarly. You can get the premium plan for just ₹390 per month with the advantage of the 7-day money-back guarantee.

  1. on the free plan, it offers limited uses of checking on Grammar. moreover, a finite number of Sentence Rephraser and no translation.
  2. on the premium plan, you get Unlimited use of Grammar Checker. You can get Translation into up to 40 languages globally. Moreover, Unlimited use of Sentence Rephraser Too.

Linguix (Great Alternatives of Grammarly)

Alternatives of Grammarly

Linguix is a brand new AI Online based Writing Assistant. it helps to provide good support on productivity. it offers the facility of Repetitive Typing Automation, checking the sentence grammar. Moreover, it provides a Paraphrasing Tool for a better and simple sentence.

The app is available on Microsoft Word and google chrome. you can install the extension of Linguix from the chrome web store. moreover, For MS Office, you can download the Linguix for Word add-in from the Microsoft store.

on the chrome web store, it has a 4.6 rating out of 5. Additionally, It has a 4.5-star rating out of 5 on the Mozilla add-ons store.


  • The AI is very quick to suggest multiple at the same time.
  • it provides the facility of language training for enables the learning to clients about Own Mistakes.
  • The paraphrasing tool of linguix has varieties of options for simple words.


  1. On the free plan, There are only limited use of grammar checker and rewrite content. in simple words, Only Basic grammar and spelling suggestions are provided on Free Plan.
  2. On the Premium plan, The premium plan pricing is around $15 per month which is half compared to Grammarly.
  3. You can contact Linguix for the team premium pricing.

ProWritingAid (Best Grammarly Alternative in the market)

For performance on the accuracy, Prowritingaid is quite good compared to Grammarly. it provides a great facility for grammar checking and accurate suggestions on writing.

it offers Style and Strength in your writing. Moreover, The pro writing aid Integrations on almost all browsers like chrome, firefox, safari, and Microsoft Edge.

it is available on Microsoft windows and mac. you can download the plug-in for Microsoft word from its official website. moreover, you can add a plug-in on google doc too.

For other formats, you can download the Desktop App from the official website.

on the chrome web store, it has a 4.8 rating from 5 which is quite impressive for the AI Writing tool.

What are features

  • It has varieties of features for good sentence accuracy and length. moreover, it provides the score for readability.
  • it is available for Microsoft word, browser, multiple devices, and all websites across the globe.
  • 100% privacy on your entered data.
  • it provides a Free Grammar Checker Online which has a limit of 500 words.


  • On Free Plan, The demo version is for an online-based grammar checker and basic browser extension for checking spelling and grammar.
  • On Premium Plan, The pricing of premium per month is ₹1100 and for annual is around ₹21,945. The benefits of no word count, full accuracy grammar, and spelling checking. Moreover, the plan is available on mac to windows. AI Tool – Grammarly Software Alternative

Grammarly Alternative compared to Grammarly most of the features are similar. Writer UI is quite simple and easily similar to Grammarly.

it has integration with all writing tools like google doc, Figma. For clarity and grammar checking, Autocorrection, you can install the free extension from the chrome web store.

it provides these facilities for free. Moreover, you can the app of Writer from Microsoft app store for enables the AI Assistant in your Microsoft word.


  • The Free plan offers access to limited features. You get the only access of Autocorrection, Grammar and spelling checking, Punctuation.
  • On premium plan, the pricing is starting from $11 per month, you can access all premium level features on
  • The team pricing is $18 per month. with all features to access to each client.

Hemingway Editor (Free and best Grammarly Alternative)

The Hemingway Editor is an online and offline tool for making writing bold and clear. it is based on AI. It provides the facility to show highlights and correct grammar errors. it provides several functions for better writing and avoiding mistakes in articles.

it is quite a good editor for improving writing concision and phrasing. to download, it is accessible on Windows and Mac. you can download the both of software through the official website.

The pricing of software for OS is around $20. However, its online versions are completely free to use. There are no ads on the website which is quite good when working.


Grammarly alternatives

White Smoke is an online and offline-based English Grammar Checker Software for users. it is AI-Based Software. it is one of the older companies that offer AI Writing assistants.

It provides the services of Grammar, Spelling, Style, Punctuation Checker for writing with no effort. apart from writing, it offers a Translator for Translating text too.

it is accessible on both devices and the web. you can install the extensions for all web browsers. moreover, it works on windows.

It is available on the web store for chrome users, moreover, its extension versions are available on firefox, edge, Opera, and Safari. All you need to do is just install and start using.

Additionally, you can download Desktop Premium For windows from its official website.


WhiteSmoke comes with three models of pricing. The Web, premium, and business.

  1. On the web plan, it is fully compatible with all popular browsers. the pricing is around $5 per month. The including features of grammar checking, Translator, and Plagiarism checker.
  2. in Premium, you get access to all the functions offered by WhiteSmoke. it is compatible with all browsers, MS Office, Gmail, and windows. The pricing is around $6.66 per month.
  3. On the business plan, Including all premium plan features. moreover, it has more benefits too. the pricing is around $11.50 per month.


PaperRater provides better facilities for writing by using AI. it started in 2009. it provides the tools for Grammar & Spelling Checks and online Proofreading. moreover, you don’t need to download any software from the web to use paper rater.

Additionally, it provides the facility of Plagiarism Checking too. it offers word suggestions and Automated essay scoring For better productivity when writing.


  • In The basic free plan, Paper rater offers a limited function to the user. there are ads on the screen too. moreover, the Submissions per Month is around 50 only.
  • In the Premium plan, it set the price around $8. for yearly it could be $71.55. which is very interesting compared to more AI-Based Assistance. moreover, you get access to all of the services and Submissions per Month of 200.


Bee Writer is an online-based writing assistant. it AI-Based software works to find quick error detection on grammar. Above All, it provides accurate suggestions and ideas for better writing.

For quick fix grammar mistakes, it offers a google chrome extension for users. You can install it through chrome web explore.

The extension can re-examine your text on all of the websites and mails. moreover, it has a writing analysis to improve your readability for users.


  • For normal daily writing, it offers basic plans for clients. The pricing of a basic account is $5 per month. it provides access to almost all facilities. however, it has a Character Limit Per Request of 5000.
  • For the premium plan, The Set price of a plan is $10 per month. you get access to all professional facilities and products.

Reverso Translation

Grammarly alternatives

Reverso is more similar to google translate. but with additional features like grammar check, Synonyms, context, and more. it has an overall 96 million users per month. it supports more than 18 languages. moreover, it offers the facility of a dictionary too.

Additionally, you can download the Reverso software from its website For Windows. for chrome users, you can install the extensions through the web store.


  1. The Free plan of Reverso has ads on the desktop. it offers a limited number of text translations. Moreover, There is no full access to all products.
  2. In the premium plan, it has no limit of text translation, The pricing is around 10 EURO per month.Moreover, it provides the facilities of access on all products and no ads disturbance.


If you are finding a free and open-source platform for grammar and spelling checkers, LanguageTool is a good option to choose. it supports multi-languages. it works on almost all devices and websites.

it provides the extension for anywhere working on the web. It provides a different extension for all types of web browsers.
For Chrome, you can install it from the chrome web store. it is also available on Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera. it has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on the google web store.

Additionally, it also provides the plug-in and addon for Microsoft words and emails. For Windows, you can download the app of Grammar Checker Windows from its official website.


  • The free plan of language tool accesses the Basic grammar, punctuation, and style checking. however, it set the limits of 10,000 characters per text.
  • The premium plan pricing is just ₹369 per month which is quite impressive compared to all other writing assistants.
  • On team pricing plans, it has pricing around ₹732.67 per month for 10 members.


QuillBot is an online site for paraphrasing tool. it offers multiple tools and extensions for good productivity in writing. you can browse the site from google to rewrite content, checking grammar mistakes. It gives the facility for checking Plagiarism by tool too.

it works on google chrome, google docs, and Microsoft word too. All you need to do is download the different extensions through the official website. For chrome, you can install it from the web store. Moreover, To install Google Docs, it is available on the google workspace marketplace.

Additionally, it is available for download from the Microsoft app store For windows.


  • The quillbot sets a limit of words on all tools that are available for the free pricing plan.
  • The premium plan pricing per month is around $10. the premium plan provides an unlimited number of words for Paraphraser. Additionally, it offers no limit of words of all tools.


Outwrite is a multi-functional AI writing assistant. it started in 2015. it provides quite a good accuracy on the grammar checker. it provides AI-Based functions for advanced grammar support. for finding errors in spelling, sentence, Capitalization, and much more. Moreover, it has a Paraphrasing tool for rewriting the article with accuracy.

it works on almost all online writing tools like Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, And more. moreover, you can download the extension of outwrite from the google chrome web store.


It comes with three pricing plans for the users. The starting price of the premium is around $10 per month.

  • On the free plan, it offers only checking of Spelling & Grammar and Thesaurus on writing.
  • in Premium plan, The pricing is around monthly $10 which is decent compared to its alternative grammarly. it provides all fee plan features and additional sentence rewriting, Plagiarism checking, Style improvements, and much more.
  • In teams pricing, The starting price is $7.95 for each user per month.

Copyscape Good free Grammarly App alternative

alternative to grammarly

Copyscape is an online tool of plagiarism checker. it founded in 2004. its parent company is Indigo Stream. The AI-Based Software detects the duplication of content. moreover, it helps to find the right owner of the content.

You have to provide the URL Link to check the matched content on another site. when you enter the URL and click on go, it checks all the web and finds similar similar text. it also provides the highlights on match content that is available on web pages.

And the premium version verifies the originality of text content.


The pricing of Copyscape premium is around $4.95 per month. moreover, the starting price is just 3c per search.

Pre Post SEO (Grammarly Alternative By Performance)

Alternative similar app for grammarly

Pre-Post SEO is an online tools website. it was started by two brothers. it provides more than 95 tools for better productivity in writing. it is best suitable for webmasters, students, teachers, and SEO Experts.

From Plagiarism Checker to Readability Score Checker, it has more to offer the user. it mainly focuses on SEO. However, it has 95 or more tools for better blogs and writing.

According to a decent amount of tools and fewer pricing plans, it could be a good Grammarly Alternative to use.

  • On Free Plan, it offers a Per month of 500 search queries.
  • On Premium Plan, The basic plan price is around $10 per month with the benefits of 5,000 Search Queries per month and facilities of Deep Search.
  • Its basic Yearly plan price is around $50 per year which is quite good for 50,000 searches per month.

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