Google Photos Alternative India – Top 13 Free Photos storage

Google Photos Alternative Free – For the Great Safety of photos, Google photos are the best option to choose. it is one of the favorite photo storage and photo sharing services in the world. However, in June 2021, it stopped the free-of-cost unlimited storage facility for the user. Now, For Free, it only offers 15 GB of storage per account that is shared over Gmail, Gdrives, and More google services.

For More Storage, google photos have pricing plans that you can buy for extra photo hosting storage. You can check below the latest pricing of google photos –

Pricing ListDetails And Price
For Extra 100 GB– ₹130 Per Month
– ₹1,300 Per Year
For 200 GB– ₹210 Per Month
– ₹2,100 For Annually
Total of 2TB Storage– ₹650 Per Month
– For Annually ₹6,500
Note: Pricing List Last Updated is 25/03/2022

It works on all devices from android, IOS, And Web. you can download the google photos app from android and the ios app store. Moreover, you can browse the site through any browser.

it is supported images in any format and automatically creates galleries and adjusts all the pictures in Date, Location, Time, Face, and more. Above All, it allows backup.

For More Storage, There are few photo hosting services in the market that could be better google photo alternatives to choose from. There are a number of people who find an alternative to google photos for a decent price or additional features. moreover, for more free storage Too.

Through this article, we are going to share with you Alternatives of Google Photos For finding the Decent option Choose.

List of Google Alternatives

Here is the latest list of Top 13 Google Photos Alternative

There are the following options to choose from –

  1. OneDrive
  2. DropBox
  3. Degoo
  4. Amazon Photos
  5. MEGA
  6. PhotoBucket
  7. Apple iCloud
  8. Flickr
  9. 500px
  10. pCloud
  11. NordLocker
  12. TeraBox
  13. External HDD or SSD

Table of Content For No Need of Scrolling

OneDrive By Microsoft For Free Cloud Space To Use

google photos alternatives microsoft
Free Cloud StorageIt allows for 5GB Storage Free of cost
SupportedMac, IOS, Android, Windows Devices
Safety Level– HIGH
Premium Plan– The premium pricing plan per month is ₹140 For Cloud Storage of 100GB (Normal Use)
– For Business purposes, The pricing of OneDrive for Business is around ₹360 Per Month
– Personal Vault For More Safety
– it works on Mac devices as well
Free Plan– no Office apps included
– you can use it All devices and internet browser
– it Only allows 3 Files stored on Personal Vault

According to Safety, OneDrive could be the best alternative of google photos to choose from. it is developed by Microsoft Company To provide Free Cloud Storage for storing all various types of data. However, it only allows Storage of 5GB For Free.

For Storing Photos And Videos, it allows additional Features for more convenience of image data.
it allows Automatic backup of photos and video storage. moreover, you can access it anywhere on any device in the world. Additionally, it provides the facility of Personal Vault to Store sensitive files with an extra layer of safety.

By buying Microsoft 365 subscription, The onedrive File hosting offers 1TB Of cloud Storage And access to Office apps. The starting price of a year is ₹ 4,899. it supported all devices from mac to android. moreover, it also enables Unlimited numbers of storing files on Personal Vault.


Free Cloud Storage– Only 2GB encrypted Cloud Storage For Free
Supported– All Devices From MAC, IOS To Android, And Windows.
Safety– For Free To Premium Users, it offers Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption
Safety Level High
Premium Plan– Monthly Charges Start with $11.99
Features– Photo browsing All devices
– easily upgrade to premium whenever want
– Extra Layer of Safety

Dropbox could be more expensive compared to google photos and more similar photo hosting services in the market. but According to its security and user-friendly interface, it could be one of the best file hosting services. it uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption for the safety of files.

For Free Users, It only allows 2GB of Storage per account For Free to store All various types of Data. you can use it to store image or video data. Moreover, it provides the facility of Back up photos automatically.

it works on all devices from windows to mac. it Organizes your images into a decent gallery for browsing easily. however, it only allows 100 MB per Dropbox Transfer for free-of-cost users.

For More Storage And Large capacity of Transfer, it offers pricing plans that you have to buy. Here is the list of pricing for additional features.

Plus Premium Plan– $11.99 Per Month for Cloud Storage of 2TB And Additional Premium Features
– The Per year price is around $119.88.
Family Premium Plan– For Up to 6 users And encrypted Cloud Storage of 2 TB, The Premium Family Plan starting price per month is $19.99.
– For the Yearly, The pricing is around $203.88.


google photos alternative free unlimited
Free Cloud SpaceCloud Storage of 100 GB For Free Account Holders
Safety LevelMEDIUM
Ads IncludedYES For Free Account
Premium PlanThe Lowest price for a premium extra 500 GB Cloud Space is just $3 per month.
For Cloud Storage of 10TB, the starting price is $9.99 per month.
Features– On Free of Cost Pricing Plan, Max 5 devices use
– For Referring to Friends it offers an extra 500 GB cloud space referral bonus for free
– it offers simple End-to-end encryption

if you want free-of-cost cloud space of more than 100GB to store a large number of photos or video data, Degoo could be a nice option to choose from.

According to a few reports, Degoo does not offer great security as good as compared to more free photo hosting services. For storing non-sensitive data or photos, you can use degoo with no worry of safety.

For Bonus, it offers multiple ways to increase free cloud space. By watching Ads And Inviting friends it offers an extra 500 GB Bonus Cloud Storage For Free. However, it has premium plans for switching your 100 GB Into 10TB.

It has two premium pricing plans for increasing cloud storage including additional features –

  • Pro Premium Plan – On Pro Premium Plan, You can upgrade your 100GB Into 500GB at the pricing of around 3$ per month. including Additional features like Max 10 devices use, 1 Thousand GB Referral Bonus. Moreover, it allows No ads while using.
  • On Ultimate Premium Plan – if you want more storage, you can buy the ultimate plan to switch your 100GB into 10TB at starting per month price of $9.99.

Amazon Photos

google photos alternative unlimited storage
Free Cloud Space5 GB For Free (Non-Prime Users)
Safety LevelHIGH
Ads IncludedNo
Premium PlanIf you want unlimited storage for images, you have to buy prime membership of amazon.
Features– It offers Free of cost extra 5GB For Video Files Storing For prime Users
– automatic backup of images and videos data
– All devices acceptable
– it easily supports common media formats

if you have existing prime membership on Amazon, Amazon Photos could be the best alternative to google photos. it provides unlimited cloud space for free to store photos. it also includes 5GB of Storage for storing video files.

For more space for videos, it has a pricing plan that you have to buy to upgrade your 5GB Video Space to 100GB. The starting price for upgrading video cloud storage is $1.99 per month.

But if you are a non-prime member of amazon, it offers 5 GB For Free to store images. it includes a few features of automatic backup, Trash, Order prints.

Above All, Amazon is a great option for safety therefore no need to worry about the security of your sensitive data.

Additionally, you can access your data anywhere. it works on all devices from SmartTV To Android smartphones. For Android And IOS Users, you can download the app from both the play store and apple app store.


Highlight KeysInformation
Free Cloud Storageit allows 20 GB Cloud Space For Free
Safety LevelHIGH
Ads IncludedNo Ads
Premium PlanThe lowest price to upgrade into premium and extra 1TB Cloud Storage is just ₹418 per month.
Features– End-to-end encryption for more security
– it has a decent price for 1TB
– High in Privacy
– it has Extensions for browsers and works on all devices

For Great Protection of your hosted files on Cloud Storage, Mega is one of the latest file hosting platforms to choose from. it is Auckland based file hosting platform. it allows hosting all types of files from images to another document format.

It offers one of the cheapest 1TB Cloud Storage Upgrade plans as compared to more famous file hosting firms. In Simple Words, you can upgrade your Cloud Space into 1TB For Pricing of just ₹400 per month.

For Free Account Holders, it allows 20 GB Free Cloud Space For Storing All various formats of Files. Moreover, you will get extra Bonus GB By Referring to friends. in addition, to be Better Convenient and have extra cloud space, you can upgrade your account for 1TB Storage Including advanced Features.

It is available as software on the desktop, for chrome, you can even download an extension of MEGA Through the Chrome Web Store. Moreover, you can install the app for smartphones.

it offers two pricing plans to upgrade into the premium for businesses and Individuals, For individuals, the lowest cost per year is ₹4,188 for 1TB Cloud Space.

On Business Premium Plan, you can set your limits according to your requirements.

PhotoBucket Google Photos Alternative

Free Cloud StorageUnlimited Cloud Storage as free Trial For 21 Days only after that, You will have to buy a premium membership
Safety LevelHigh
Ads IncludedNo advertisement
Premium Plan– To Upgrade 25 GB Cloud Space, The lowest price per month is $6.
– For Unlimited Storage for a year, the pricing of the premium account is $141 annually.
FeaturesAvailable on All Devices for access to Your Photos
Good Level of Private encryption For Your Stored Photos
it enables Social Sharing of your stored pictures or data.

PhotoBucket does not offer free cloud space for a lifetime. you have to buy a subscription to get cloud storage, However, it offers a Free Trial For the Experience of Service And Features. On Free Trial, it offers unlimited numbers of photo storing and unlimited free cloud storage for only 21 Days.

it provides an extra layer of safety for your stored photos and high-speed download of data.

The pricing plan for an upgrade to unlimited storage is around $13 per month which is quite acceptable compared to more popular photo storage online platforms.

it offers three pricing plans for membership and cloud storage of Photobucket –

  1. Lite Plan For 25 GB Cloud Storage
  2. Plus Premium Plan For Upgrade of 250GB Cloud Space
  3. Unlimited Storage Plan – It allows no limit of storing and Unlimited Hosting
PlanPrice List
Lite Plan – For Per Month $6
– For Per Year $65
Plus Premium Plan– Monthly plan price Is $8
– $87 For Annually
Unlimited Storage Plan– $141 For One Year
– $13 For Per Month
Last Update 26/3/2022

Apple iCloud Google Photos Alternative For IOS Users

Free Cloud storage5GB of iCloud space for free
Supportedit Mainly Focuses on IOS And MAC (no support of non-IOS devices)
Premium PlanThe starting price for 2TB iCloud Storage Space is around ₹749 in India.
Safety LevelHIGH (Apple Safety)

if you existing user of IOS, you are already familiar with the cloud. it is a free cloud space offered by Apple. iCloud is one of the best google photos alternatives for IOS Users. you can use it for storing images for free. It also provides the facility of iCloud backup for an automatic backup of photos. However, it only offers 5 GB Free iCloud Storage for users.

After that, if you want extra GB of Cloud Space you can buy plans of iCloud. the free 5GB Storage is quite low cause it fillup quickly.

it works on all Apple devices from iPad to iMac. it has three iCloud+ premium plans for more extra Icloud Storage.

  • For a 50GB iCloud Storage Pricing plan – You have to pay the price of  ₹75 Per Month
  • Storage of 200GB – You have to pay ₹219 Per Month
  • 2TB – The pricing of 2TB Cloud Space per month is ₹749

Flickr Google Photos Alternative

Highlight KeysInformation
Free Cloud Storage For ImagesOnly 1000 Uploads For Free Accounts
Supported– All Devices From Apple To Android
– Browse Website by any internet browser
Ads IncludedYES Only For Free Accounts
Premium PlanThe lowest price for a pro Monthly Plan starts at
around $8.49.
Safety LevelQuite HIGH

It is American based photo and video hosting firm. it offers an unlimited number of uploaded pictures. Moreover, it provides multiple features for better convenience, For instance, in-app photo editing, Uncompressed photos, and more.

For Free accounts, it enables around 1000 HD and High-Resolution Photos upload For Free of cost. However, it ads included. in some words, you will see some ads while browsing the website.
For More Uploads, Flickr offers three plans for an unlimited number of uploads including ads-free services.

Monthly Plan PriceFor an unlimited number of storage to upload pictures, all you need to buy is a monthly subscription plan of $8.49.
Annual Plan PricingFor annually, the pricing is around $79.99
2 Year Plan For Unlimited storageExtra Discount, you can buy for 2 Year with the pricing of around $143.76

On All Premium plans, It allows unlimited storage including ads-free service, advanced statistics, automatic backup of photos.


Free Cloud storage– 7 Uploads Per week
SupportedAll Devices
Premium PlanTo upload an unlimited number of professional photos, The lowest price for a month of premium plan is $6.49.
Safety LevelQuite High

if you are professional in photography or designing, 500px could be the best alternative to google photos for you to buy. However, it only allows 7 professional high-resolution photo uploads per week for free account holders. You have to buy premium plans for unlimited uploads of photos.

it allows your High Definition of the professional picture to be licensed. moreover, it is good for creating a Pro portfolio. Above All, it enables data insights of your uploaded Images.

There are two types of pricing plans offered by 500px for unlimited upload of pictures and free from ads while browsing.

Awesome Premium Plan– For Monthly Price is around $6.49
– For Yearly Price is around $47.90
Pro Premium Plan– For Annually, the Price is around $95.90
– The Monthly Price is $12.99

pCloud could be a Great Google Photos Alternative for buy Lifetime

Key PointsDetails
Free Cloud Space10 GB Cloud Space Free For Everyone
SupportedAll Devices From Desktop To Smartphone
Premium PlanFor use of lifetime cloud space of 2TB, the pricing is around $350 which is quite cool compared to annual plan-based photo storage companies.
Safety LevelHIGH

pCloud offers much better and stronger security and privacy as compared to a more popular photo hosting companies like google photos. it uses the security layer protection of 256-bit AES.

it allows the facility to restore 30 days trash history. you can download the windows app for your PC and the android app for android devices.

It offers three types of pricing for individuals, businesses, and families. For Individual Use, The lowest price for buying 500 GB of Storage is just $49.99 per year. To get Lifetime Use of Cloud Space of 500 GB the one-time payment price Is around $175.

For Family Use, it has a one-time payment solution of $500 For 2TB Cloud Storage to access 5 Users. Last But Not least, $9.99 USD is the monthly pricing for business use. it enables 1 TB storage per user.

According to Safety And Pricing of lifetime use, pCloud could be an amazing google alternative to buying a subscription.


Highlight PointsInformation
Free Cloud Storage– For Free And Lifetime Use, it offers 3 GB Cloud Space
Works– From Mac Devices to Windows, it works on all devices.
Safety Level– High
Price For Premium– The Lowest Monthly Price for an extra 500GB Cloud Space is $7.99/Month

if you are concerned about the safety of your stored photo or data on the cloud space. Nordlocker could be the best solution to feel free about safety. it is used very strong AES-256 encryption for providing extra security.

it provides 3GB Of Free Cloud Storage For Lifetime Use. Moreover, it also provides the facility of Email Support.

it provides an extra layer of safety for spam and dangerous ransomware. Above All, it allows automatic backup data for More Convenience of Storage.

For More Cloud Storage And Additional Features, it has two pricing plans at a convenient rate compared to a few Alternatives of Google Photos.

PlansPrice List
For 500 GB Cloud Storage– The Starting price per month of the premium plan is $7.99.
– For Annual, the charges of the premium plan are under $50.
For 2 TB Cloud Storage– For Storage of 2TB And Additional Features the premium plan price is $20. (Most Popular)
– If you want for a year, the first-year annual price of a 2TB cloud space premium plan is around $120.

On premium plans, it offers the facility of Drag and drop for powerful encryption, Encrypt files with no limits. Above All, it allows access to files in private on any PC.

Additionally, you can download the application of Nordlocker on the google play store and apple app store For Smartphone Access to Data.


StorageFor Non-Premium Users, It offers 1TB Storage For Storing Data
Safety LevelMedium
Backup SystemIt allows Automatically Backup of Data For Free
Premium Plan$38.99 Per Year For All Premium Benefits And 2TB File Hosting Storage
Features– it enables Automatic photo classification
– Direct Video play
– It Allows Offline downloads of Uploaded Files
MAX Options In Free Price– Only 500 files are allowed to save
– 720p is the Max video playback resolution
– Total of 4GB Max file size for uploading

if you want a free large file storage service for storing images and data, TeraBox could be a better option to choose. it allows Free 1TB Storage for non-premium users. you can store more than 4 lakh images.

it is an advertising-supported photo storage platform for providing free storage. it works on all devices as an application. for Microsoft Windows, you can download the TeraBox software through its official website. For IOS And Android, You can install the app from both operating systems app markets.

if you want No Ads While Browsing, TeraBox offers a premium plan. The starting monthly price is just $3.99, And It is around $38.99 For a year. which is quite decent compared to more photo storing services.

On Premium Plan, it allows premium users to Storage space of 2TB. Moreover, it offers Ultrafast downloads, max upload files of 20GB, And Extra Safety of 2TB of Data.

Additionally, it offers Just 10 Days Retention time of files in the recycle bin For Non-Premium Users And 30 Days For Premium Members.

External HDD or SSD For Alternative of Google Photos

Google Photos Alternative India

External HDD or SSD could be a high price for storage, But it is a permanent solution for storing thousands of videos and images. In simple words, You have to pay once. After That, you can carry it and use it anywhere you want.

Local Storage of HDD or SSD is the best alternative to cloud storage. In Cloud Storage, you have to pay annually for photos and data hosting. But On Local Storage, you can even use your laptop and computer HDD or SSD. which is almost free of charge. mostly, Nowadays PC has 1TB Storage Normally.

Due to Internet Scams and a few fraud file hosting companies, In today’s time, a number of people do not trust cloud storage services easily. If you want a simple and decent way to store data and pictures, Local Storage could be a better option to choose from.

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