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Cred Mint

Introduction: CRED Mint, a pioneering P2P lending platform created by CRED in partnership with Liquiloans, is transforming the financial scene in India. Eligible CRED members can leverage this platform to earn appealing returns by lending idle funds to fellow creditworthy members. This article explores the intricacies of CRED Mint, offering a thorough overview, a detailed review, safety insights, a comparison with the 12% Club, specifics about the minimum investment, and additional key details.

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CRED Mint operates as a P2P lending platform where CRED members, meeting certain criteria, can lend money to their peers. The platform distinguishes itself with several noteworthy features:

Cred Mint
High Potential ReturnsUp to 9% interest per annum, surpassing traditional savings accounts and fixed deposits.Interest rates are not guaranteed.
Transparent TrackingReal-time investment tracking and performance monitoring.High risks associated with uninsured lending.
ConvenienceSeamless integration with the CRED app for investment management.Lack of liquidity compared to traditional investments.

The lending process involves CRED members, with credit scores exceeding 730, investing “idle money” (from ₹1,000 to ₹1 lakh per borrower) in loans repaid by other creditworthy CRED members. Liquiloans, an RBI-registered NBFC, handles loan approvals and servicing.

CRED Mint Review

CRED Mint’s appeal lies in its promise of high returns, ease of use, and a curated pool of creditworthy borrowers. Here’s a closer look at the platform’s pros and cons:

Potential for higher returns (up to 9% XIRR)Possibility of borrower defaults.
Seamless integration with the CRED appLack of liquidity compared to traditional investments.
Real-time investment trackingRegulatory uncertainties in the evolving P2P lending landscape.

While seasoned investors are enticed by the potential for increased returns amid a low-interest-rate environment, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks. Stringent credit score criteria mitigate default risks to some extent, but unforeseen circumstances can impact creditworthy borrowers.

Is CRED Mint Safe?

Safety is a paramount concern for any investment platform. Mint addresses potential risks through a well-thought-out approach:

  • Diversification: Investments are split across 200 borrowers with credit scores above 730, minimizing exposure to bad borrowers.
  • Variable Fee Model: The platform can withstand up to 4x historical defaults, ensuring investor repayments take priority.
  • Escrow Mechanism: The money invested is held in an escrow account with a bank-promoted trustee, enhancing traceability.

However, it’s vital to note that P2P lending carries inherent risks, and regulatory clarity remains incomplete, adding complexity.

CRED Mint vs. 12% Club

A comparison between CRED Mint and BharatPe’s 12% Club sheds light on key distinctions:

FeaturesCREDMint12% Club (BharatPe)
Type of LendingPeer-to-peer (P2P)Peer-to-peer (P2P)
Interest Rate EarnedUp to 9%12%
Minimum InvestmentINR 1 LakhINR 1,000
Merchant Data AvailabilityNot availableAvailable
Referral ProgramNo benefits for referralsBenefits for referrals
RisksComparatively high due to high minimum investmentComparatively low due to low minimum investment and high returns

The choice between the two platforms depends on individual preferences. CRED Mint offers higher interest rates with a higher minimum investment, while the 12% Club provides a lower minimum investment with a potentially lower return.

CRED Mint Minimum Investment and More

Minimum Investment

CRED Mint imposes a minimum investment requirement of ₹1 lakh, making it a more suitable option for investors with a larger risk appetite. This minimum investment amount positions it as a platform catering to a more substantial financial commitment.

Liquidity and Withdrawal

One standout feature of CRED Mint is its liquidity offering. Investors have the flexibility to withdraw their funds from the app at any time without incurring additional charges. This feature addresses concerns about immediate access to invested funds, providing a level of liquidity not often associated with traditional investments.


Returns from CRED Mint investments are subject to taxation based on the investor’s income tax slab. Unlike certain investment options that offer tax benefits, CRED Mint focuses on providing potentially higher returns, and investors must account for tax implications.


CRED Mint’s entry into the P2P lending landscape represents a significant development. Its focus on curated borrowers, backed by RBI-registered operations and a user-friendly interface, addresses key concerns hindering widespread P2P adoption in India. However, caution is paramount. Prospective investors should thoroughly understand the risks, diversify their investments, and view CRED Mint as a high-potential yet high-risk venture. Time will unveil whether CRED Mint stands as a game-changer or merely a fleeting trend in India’s evolving financial narrative.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What sets CRED Mint apart?

CREDMint stands out with its lending-focused approach, allowing members to invest ₹1 lakh to ₹10 lakhs, emphasizing high credit quality borrowers, offering transparent tracking, and providing liquidity with no premature withdrawal charges.

Is there a minimum investment?

Yes, CRED Mint has a minimum investment of ₹1 lakh, catering to individuals with a larger risk appetite and a willingness to commit a substantial financial sum.

Can investors withdraw their money?

Yes, CREDMint allows investors to withdraw funds at any time without additional charges, offering flexibility and liquidity uncommon in traditional investments.

How does CRED Mint ensure safety?

CRED Mint reduces risks by diversifying investments across 200+ creditworthy borrowers and using a variable fee model that withstands historical defaults. The platform maintains traceability through an escrow mechanism.

What is CRED Mint?

CRED Mint, a P2P lending platform by CRED and Liquiloans, allows eligible members to earn up to 9% annual returns. Members can lend idle money to fellow CRED members with credit scores above 730.

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