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9xBuddy Alternative – 9xbuddy is a Web-Based Tool For those who want to download videos from popular internet video streaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and Dailymotion. it allows downloading videos in different formats such as MP3, JPG For Thumbnail, MP4, M4A, And GIF.

it is a third-party advertisement-based completely free online software which shows the user full-Size Display Ads and Pop-Ups Ads while browsing.

Moreover, it also provides the feature for you to download your preferred videos in different MP4 Video Qualities from 240p To 1080p. it is a fully-advertising-based video downloader Tool for individuals. it shows very irritating pop-ups, floating Ads, and full-Display Ads while browsing the site.

This site uses a very simple User Interface to make it convenient for anyone and it has two Appearances as Dark Mode and Light mode as per your requirement.

Here is the list of Popular websites that videos you can download from 9XBuddy –

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. YouTube Kids
  5. Xvideos
  6. Dailymotion
  7. SupJav
  8. TikTok
  9. doodstream
  10. Twitter
  11. PornHub

This site continuously Adds more new and popular sites including adult websites. however, we recommended you use the site only to download Common Creative License videos for any commercial use and public sharing. downloading and sharing video content without permission of its real owners for commercial and public sharing is entirely against the law.

9xBuddy Downloader FAQ

Is 9xBuddy.COM Legal in India?

9xBuddy is moderately legal if you use it to download only CC License videos. however, they offer to download the video content video without asking its real content owners which is an issue. moreover, it supports irritating Adverstment such as 18+ Ads and Pop-Ups Ads.

Is the 9xbuddy app Safe To Use?

9xbuddy is moderately safe if you ignore the Advertisements Point because it is a very irritating advertisement, it supports and allows to download of 18+ Videos sites content which could be an issue. therefore, you will view a few 18+ ads too while browsing the website.

What is a 9xBuddy Video Downloader?

9xbuddy alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Website9xBuddy is another third-party video downloader platform for free. it supports plenty of popular video streaming sites. you have to put a link to extract link and download the videos in different formats and video qualities. however, it supports 18+ Adult sites. so, it has an age limit is 18+ and it is a fully unsafe site for its irritating pop-ads.
Active Users3.4 Million Activer visitors each month
Site FeaturesNo Login is Required, Different video Qualities Options, and Various File Formats
AdvertisementYes (18+ Ads, Adware, Pop-Ups, Floating, Full-Display Ads)
Category (sort)Web-Based Video Downloading Tool
Get It For Android9xbuddy APK Download Not available on Google Play
Content Rating18+
Available onWeb-Based Only
Cost (Pricing)No Subscripation Required

On This Blog, We are going to share with you a trending list of 9xBuddy Com Alternatives to choose from.

Table of Content of 9xbuddy App alternative

  1. TubeOffline – Best 9xBuddy Alternative
  2. TubeNinja – Another Good 9xBuddy Alternative
  3. SuperParse – Similar 9xBuddy Alternative
  4. OFFMP3 – 9xBuddy Alternative For Audio
  5. KeepVid
  6. Y2meta
  7. Paste Download

Table of Content For 9xbuddy Alternatives

TubeOffline – One of The Best 9xBuddy Alternative

9xbuddy alternative SITE
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteAs per its name, Tube Offline, it allows you to download the video from plenty of video platforms and watch on your device in offline mode. it offers a simple user interface quite similar to the 9xBuddy Website. which allows you to convert and download videos for free. however, it is a third-Party Ads Based Any Website Video Download Platform for Users. moreover, you don’t need to pay any hidden fees and subscription charges to use the site. It helps to download and convert your video in MP4/FLV format.
Active UsersAlmost 1.8 million active visitors per month
Site Featureswithout registration and sign-up features, One-Click Download Button.
AdvertisementYes (Third-Party Ads)
Category (sort)Any Online Site Video Downloader
Get It For AndroidOnly Web-Based
Content Rating18+
Available onWebsite Mode Only
Cost (Pricing)Free And No Need to Pay

TubeNinja Video Downloader

9xbuddy alternative online
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Websitetubeninja is another good alternative to 9Xbuddy. it allows saving videos from plenty of video streaming services. it has just copy-paste feature to download videos in Audio and different Qualities. it works on mobile and PC without downloading or installing any additional software and file. it allows you to save and download videos from more than 500 different streaming sites. few names YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Vimeo, Hentai Haven, and Xvideos.
Active Users850k Active User Per Month
Site Features500 different streaming sites, FREE Download,
AdvertisementFew Ads
Category (sort)Video Downloader Online
Get It For AndroidTubeNinja Apk Download Not Available on Any official site
Content RatingTeen And 18+
Available onWeb Only
Cost (Pricing)No Subscripation is needed
SafeModerately SAFE

SuperParse – 9xBuddy Alternative

9xbuddy alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Websitesuperparse is quite similar to 9Xbuddy because it allows you to save and download videos in different formats such as GIF, 3GP, MP4, And HD. it could be an awesome alternative to 9XBuddy to free download GIFs, Videos, And Audios. it allows you to download and save videos to your Mobile and PC From popular sites like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Ted, Imgur, IMDb, Xvideos, And PornHub.
Active Users100K Visitor per month
Site FeaturesDifferent Formats such as JPEG, Video, Audio, and GIF.
Category (sort)Online-Based Video Downloading Free Software
Get It For AndroidNot available
Content Rating18+ (a few 18+ porn sites added)
Available onAll Web Browsers
Cost (Pricing)Free to use

OFFMP3 – 9xBuddy Alternative

9xbuddy alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteOFFmp3 is another site launched by 123SUDO. 123SUDO also offers 9XBuddy. OFFMp3 is another good 9XBuddy alternative to download and save the video in MP3 Audio Format. it helps to convert any website video into Audio Format. it supports upto 500 streaming sites to save the video in audio mode to your devices.
Active Users1.1 million visitors per month
Site FeaturesSave Into Different Audio Formats, 500+ Sites supports
AdvertisementYes but few
Category (sort)Any Site Audio Downloader
Get It For AndroidOFFMP3 Apk not available
Content RatingTeen
Available onWeb Based on Platform only
Cost (Pricing)Free to use
SafeModerate (Only Download Creative Commons license Audio)

KeepVid – 9xbuddy Apk Download Alternative

Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteWhile the topic is Any Website Video Downloader, How can we ignore the Keepvid site? it is a third-party video save online tool for converting and downloading videos/audio/gifs to your devices. it allows users to save videos from more than 1000 video streaming sites. it could be the best 9XBuddy.com Alternative.
Active Users134k Active Users per month
Site Features1000 video streaming sites Supports, Audio, MP3, and Various Video Quality support.
Category (sort)Web-Based Video Downloader Tool
Content Rating18+
Available onAll Internet Browser
Cost (Pricing)Free

Y2meta – 9xbuddy.com Similar Website

Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The WebsiteY2meta is another version of the Y2mate site. it allows you to download YouTube Videos in 4K Quality, and other HD Mobile Qualities. it supports irritating advertising while browsing such as 18+ blog Ads, Pop-Up, Floating, and New Tab Pop-ups. it could be a good 9XBuddy Alternative to Download All YouTube Video Content.
Active Users20 million active monthly visitors
AdvertisementYes (Various types of irritating ads)
Category (sort)4K Video Downloader Tool
Get It For AndroidY2Meta apk not available for download
Content Rating18+
Available onOnline Based Website
Cost (Pricing)Free
SafeHard Advertising (Moderate)

PasteDownload – 9xBuddy Alternative

9xbuddy alternative
Key PointsDescription (Details)
About The Websitepastedownload is also popular as a name of “Universal Video Downloader”. it allows downloading videos, movies, songs, and short films from 500+ video sites. it could be a fantastic alternative to 9XBuddy Website. it also allows downloading private videos from one of these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or VK. it supports ads To make a profit ownself. such as 18+ Ads, Article Ads, Pop-Up Ads, And New Tab Pop-up Ads. Similar to 9XBuddy, it also supports and allows to download of multiple video qualities such as WebM, 3GP, MP4, Blu-Ray, And 1080p.
Active UsersApprox 2.3 Million Active Visitors per month
Site FeaturesUser-Friendly Navigation, Plenty of Video Qualities, a Real download button, And 500+ video streaming platform support.
AdvertisementYes (Adult Ads, New Tab Pop-up Ads, And Floating Ads)
Category (sort)Any Site Video Downloader
Get It For Androidpastedownload Apk download is not available on Google Play Store
Content Rating18+
Available onOnly Web Browsers
Cost (Pricing)No Need to PAY
SafeModerate & Could be Harmful

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You may find your favorite Any Site Video Downloader From the list of 9xBuddy Alternative websites. do share with your friends by using below social media icons. if you have any other legal and safe 9xBuddy Alternative. we love to put you on this list.

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